Do You Worry What People Think Of You? Try This

Have you ever given up something you truly want because you’re afraid of what others may think of you? Do you hear a voice that tells you: You’re not thin enough, beautiful enough, lovable enough, funny enough, successful enough, spiritual enough and so on.

Do you make your decisions based on what you want, or on what others think?

Worrying about what others think about us is natural when we’re focused on the fear and the belief that we’re not good enough (we all have this in us). We put everyone else on pedestals and we believe that if we follow a certain path, possess certain materials and be a certain way, then we will belong to a community, friendship, group, relationship, or job.

This belief is very limiting. It creates loneliness, rejection and pain. It takes us away from what we truly want, which is love. It drains our energy because we’re focused on what’s missing in us and on protecting ourselves from feeling unloved. It also limits us from surfacing who we truly are, and we become dishonest, unhappy, lonely, angry and resentful toward everyone (including ourselves).

Two of our biggest human needs are significanceand love. When we worry about what others think about us, and when we hide our true self to please others, we’re simply focused on meeting those needs from the outside.

We may feel good for few moments or days but we’ll always feel that something is missing within. When we’re back alone, the fear of not being enough and of not being loved will surface again.

If you want to free yourself from worrying what others think about you then ask yourself these five eye-opening questions:

  1. What is the story you’re telling yourself that’s making you care about what other people think?
  2. What consequences has this story had in your life?
  3. What has this cost you so far?
  4. What is your life going to look like five years, 10 years, 50 years from now if you keep this story or belief?
  5. What is it that you truly want?

If you want to stop worrying about what others think about you, then simply identify your limiting belief, change it and shift your focus toward meeting your needs for love and significance from within.

What people think about you is their business only. Remember, what you focus on is where your energy will go and who you’ll become.

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