5 Everyday Moments You Didn't Realize Were Spiritual

There are moments in your life that will take your breath away, ones that will make you weep, and others that will fill you with joy. Although we tend to focus on the good moments, each of these moments are sacred. They have been sent to teach us important life lessons.

Being part of the human experience means we all share similar highs and lows, and sometimes these shared experiences are actually spiritual moments in disguise, intended to put us directly in touch with the higher being (spirit). Here are a few spiritual moments we all have shared at some point in our lives:

1. Hearing an old, familiar song on the radio.

Have you ever been driving along and your mind starts to wander? Maybe you start thinking about someone, or something very pivotal in your life has just occurred and suddenly, an old familiar song will start playing on the radio. With shaky hands you reach for the volume to turn it up. You look around in traffic, wondering if someone you know secretly called the radio station and requested it.

None of these are coincidences. These songs are messages from the Divine or your loved one, letting you know that everything is all right. They are meant exclusively for you.

2. Seeing a ray of sunshine behind dark clouds.

When I was a child, my mother would say, “If you see rays of sunshine bursting through the clouds, God is answering someone's prayers.” Years have gone by and I still love this idea. That somewhere, somehow, someone is experiencing true bliss right now. At any given moment there's someone who is feeling extraordinarily happy. Those moments, those little rays of sunshine that we see in the sky, are a reminder to us that there is a silver lining. We might not be experiencing the happiness ourselves at that very moment, but that doesn't mean your happiness doesn't exist. And maybe someday your house will be the one the sun shines down on.

3. Experiencing a life-changing "that could have been me" moment.

Have you ever felt like you were saved from a terrible situation at the very last minute? Have you ever wondered how the circumstances worked out in your favor? Or maybe you felt like you had a guardian angel watching over you? There's a good chance that at some point in your life you'll experience something that shocks you, jars you, or terrifies you. When you say, “That could have been me,” first remember to be thankful that it was not you. Secondly, understand that it may be a way to wake you up about something you are doing that is not good for you. And finally, when you felt that there was a guardian angel looking over you, there was.

4. Shedding tears of joy.

It is a moment when you feel so happy, your heart is so full, that you begin to weep for no good reason. Tears of any kind are a spiritual release, so crying is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. When you find yourself crying from happiness, remember this time as a blessing. This is a time of spiritual enlightenment for you. It is a moment when your body is suddenly overwhelmed by it all. Release and enjoy the moment — it is a wonderful time in your life.

5. Receiving a message from a stranger.

The universe brings people into our lives at the exact minute that we need them the most. These strangers (who sometimes might turn out to be lifelong friends) are sent with messages for you, if you will only listen. Have you ever been on a plane and the person next to you starts talking about a topic you were just thinking about? Or has a kind stranger offered to buy your coffee just as you look down and realize you left your wallet at home? Or maybe your car gets a flat tire, and a stranger gets out in the rain to make sure you get some help. There are certain strangers that come into our lives with great messages. Talking to these people can help us to learn and grow.

While you should always be cautious of strangers (listen to your gut), there are a few strangers that come bearing messages; personal, perfect messages especially for you. If we listen, these messages can change our lives.

So often we go through life at breakneck speed, actively seeking the next gratification and the next gratification. We stay focused on all the wrong things like television, or money, or shopping, or work.

But if we stop and take a moment to experience the universe around us, we might just see how many beautiful spiritual gems are waiting to be uncovered.

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