Feeling Sluggish? It Might Be Time For A Detox

Written by Jessica Sepel

Do you feel sluggish? Are you constantly fighting off colds, flu and allergies? Are you bloated? Craving sugary foods? Fighting a foggy brain? If you answered a resounding “yes!” to any of these bothersome issues, a detox might be exactly what your body needs.

When we hear the words “detox” or “cleanse,” the concept may leave you wanting to run for the hills and take your junk food with you. The words get thrown around a lot, and are usually associated with a torturous quick fix that can’t leave any kind of lasting impression. It’s a bit more complex than that, and with good reason.

The fact is that we’re exposed to harmful substances every day. They’re in the food we eat (pesticides, microbes and mercury, to name a few) and in the air we breathe (think disinfectants and deodorizers). Our dietary and lifestyle choices don’t make the body’s detoxing process any easier. We live in a world where most of the food we eat is processed beyond being recognizable as “real” food.

Our body is loaded with enzymes that continuously work to help flush out the toxins we introduce. To optimize this system, I encourage my clients to turn to a clean-eating plan. This is the true meaning of a detox: a strategy that helps the body rid itself of toxins.

I specifically focus on detoxing the liver. Not only is it the largest organ in your body, but it does an astonishing amount of work to keep you healthy and clean. Give it a break and help it function properly so that you maintain good blood sugar levels, metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins, regulate hormones, and store the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive.

A sluggish liver comes with all kinds of unwanted side effects — like the ones previously mentioned — but can manifest itself in other more serious ways like hormonal imbalance, poor sleep, and mood disorders like depression and anxiety. When you consider how much your liver does for you, it’s clear why you need to give it a little TLC.

I encourage my clients to clear their bodies of all the sludge that is weighing it down so that it can perform at its optimum level. The cleanse I’ve developed works in two phases — preparing the toxins to be excreted, and then flushing them out of the system through urine, liver bile, perspiration and exhalation. Each phase requires important nutrients — most of which can be found through food.

Once your body is cleansed and working the way it is made to, you will think better, feel better, look better, burn fat more easily, and be able to listen to the real needs of your own body. A detox should not be seen as a punishment; when done the proper way, it’s truly freeing.

Jessica Sepel
Jessica Sepel
Jessica Sepel is a qualified Sydney nutritionist, author, health blogger, and wellness coach. You...
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Jessica Sepel
Jessica Sepel
Jessica Sepel is a qualified Sydney nutritionist, author, health...
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