Watch This Heartwarming Video Of A Surprise Proposal At A Yoga Retreat

In early February, I led a yoga retreat to Aruba. It was a Choose Joy Yoga retreat, as that is the main focus of my teaching, writing and way of life. As can happen when you have a collection of women together, there was occasionally some complaining about significant others — not a lot, but some. Try as I might to keep the emotions positive, sometimes I found this a challenge.

And then, the last day, I received an interesting, mind-blowing, soul-inspiring phone call, the opening line of which went like this:

Courtland (thick Texas accent): "Rebecca, this is Courtland. I'm in the hotel across the parking lot with a big ol' diamond in my pocket. I'm gonna need your help."

I find it so refreshing that romance isn't dead. All we have to do is believe in love. And then surrender.

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