Kristen Bell Covers Shape Magazine: Talks Diet, Fitness & Meditation

Actress, Kristen Bell graces the September issue of Shape magazine where she talks meditation, diet, fitness, and inspiration via Eleanor Roosevelt!

What's one of Kristen's goals? Meditation!

"Do meditative yoga for 10 minutes every morning. When you have a problem—whether it's road rage, your guy, or work—meditation allows everything to unfold the way it's supposed to."

Favorite quote:

"Eleanor Roosevelt's words: 'It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.'"

On giving back:

"Eleanor Roosevelt also said, 'When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.' I was raised to believe we were given two hands for a reason, and I feel more satisfied when I'm participating in the lives of others."

Fitness philosophy:

"I like to keep moving whenever I can. And this is better than just sitting on the couch for an hour, right?... My friends and I are all into staying in shape through outdoor activities. We play Ultimate Frisbee, hike the trails around Los Angeles, go rock climbing in Malibu, explore underwater caves in Palos Verdes. We're gluttons for excitement, and it keeps us fit!"

Not weighing herself:

"I like to stay fit and challenge myself. But I'm not going to try to be a certain size, or weigh a specific amount. I don't own a scale. My goal is to feel good and look healthy."

Kristen's been a vegetarian for 19 years (and tries to avoid dairy) but she still cheats:

"I've learned I don't really feel well after I eat it. But I also know that devouring a whole cheesecake with my girlfriends can feel incredible! I'm always going to be the kind of person who treats myself."

Check out Kristen's full '30 Rules to Live By' at Shape here.

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