Are You Better At Giving Than Receiving? 3 Tips To Accept More Love

Are you more comfortable giving than receiving? For many people, the answer is “yes.” While you may have never thought about receiving as healthy and positive, the consequences of not receiving include the following:

  • Emotionally, you feel unappreciated.
  • Physically, you feel exhausted.
  • Mentally, you feel resentful.
  • Spiritually, you feel depleted.

It’s like you have a gate that only swings one way, and all that you give doesn’t bring anything back to you because the gate doesn’t open toward you, only away from you.

When you receive what people and the world have to give, you not only feel better, you open up pathways you couldn’t see before, stimulate your imagination in ways that could not happen before, and have energy that was not previously available to you.

Transform your life today by balancing all that you give with receiving. Here’s how:

1. Accept all compliments.

Aren’t you fortunate that people will do something for you or say something nice to you? Be excited by it! Celebrate it! Your willingness to accept something as simple as a compliment is significant. It broadcasts loud and clear that you are ready to receive.

If you push away what people try to give to you, you send a strong message that you do not want to be given to. And, over time, people cooperate by being less giving.

Here are three ways to show the world that you're ready to receive:

  • Be open to what people offer you, including compliments, offers of assistance, and gifts.
  • Accept them graciously and with gratitude.
  • Once you welcome and appreciate the “little” things, you'll easily graduate to the “bigger” ones.

2. Be spiritually naked.

To be spiritually naked is to be self-revealing. It means that you don’t just trot out the “good,” healed and healthy parts of your personality when you're with people. It means that you express your vulnerable, clueless, and lonely parts, too. You include them in your conversations with others and acknowledge them to yourself.

It is a sign of strength to be authentic. It takes courage to embrace and receive all parts of yourself and to share them with others. The good news is that once you are comfortable with being genuine, you seek out others who are as well. It is relaxing to be in the presence of an imperfect human being.

Here are three ways to invite people to get to know you:

  • Be self-revealing. Don’t showcase only the healed or “together” parts of your personality.
  • Look for opportunities to let people know what is going on with you.
  • Be authentic, be transparent, be real.

3. Count your blessings.

To be grateful is to be receptive to people’s generosity and to life’s abundance. When you acknowledge and appreciate the kindness that people extend to you, these experiences fill you up and become a power in your life. It’s like you've plugged into your life instead of barreling through it.

Everywhere you go there are people who make your days easier and more enjoyable. Write about it in a journal, tell people you appreciate them, spend time thinking about how lucky you are.

Here are three ways to activate an attitude of gratitude:

  • Every day, look for reasons to be grateful.
  • Be genuinely appreciative.
  • Say “thank you” in person, in a thank you card, note, letter, email, or text.

Make a commitment today to adopt the ABCs of Receiving. Let people celebrate you, get to know you, and look for opportunities to thank them. Not only will you feel healthier in mind, body, and spirit, you will bring more balance into your life, create greater reciprocity in your relationships, and give yourself the energy you need to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

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