Best Foods for Weight Loss: Dinner

For many time-starved Americans, the only answer to the question, “What’s for dinner?” is “What drive-thru is on the way home?” That practically guarantees that you are going to be eating a dinner that will make you – and your family – gain fat.

Drive-thru menus are so overly loaded with fat it is hard to even believe. If there is any one single reason for people to be gaining so much fat so fast, it is fast food.

So the basic answer to the question “what’s the best dinner for weight loss?” is basically anything you cook at home. If you cook your dinners at home you are going to lose at least some weight. However, that isn’t what we want to know, we want to know the absolute best dinners for losing fat fast.

The most important factor in a perfect dinner to lose weight is the balance of protein and carbs: the PC Combo. The PC Combo keeps blood sugar stable so that body fat can continue to be burned. The other factor is low fat – but not zero fat. You want the fats in your dinner to be healthy fats. Therefore the best dinner for weight loss is:

Grilled salmon, brown rice, and arugula salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

The grilled salmon is the healthy protein with fat-burning omega-3 healthy fats. Grilling is a low fat and delicious way to prepare the salmon. The brown rice is a slow-fuel carb that keeps you energized while your body burns fat. The arugula salad gives you fiber and vitamins along with more healthy fats and antioxidants from the olive oil. It would be hard to find a doctor or a nutritionist that doesn’t love that meal.

However, salmon isn’t the only dinner if you want to lose weight. You can replace the salmon with grilled chicken or filet mignon. You can have roast turkey and mashed potatoes, spaghetti with turkey meat sauce, fish tacos with rice and beans, or chicken teriyaki with grilled veggies and rice.

Regardless, make it in your kitchen and avoid that drive thru.

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