Ryan Lochte's Plan to Beat Michael Phelps: His New & Improved Diet

During the 2008 Summer Olympics, swimmer Ryan Lochte's diet consisted of McDonald's -- for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Earlier this month he beat Michael Phelps, and plans to do it again today. How and why is Lochte performing so well? He's given up fast food and soda.

Lochte tells The New York Times, "I haven’t really been eating fast food. Before, I always thought it didn’t really matter what you put in your body because you burn so many calories. What I’ve learned is it does make a difference."

Along with his new and improved diet, Lochte has added weight training and core work to get faster. It's definitely paid off. Mark Schubert, the USA National Swimming Director on Lochte says of the new-and-improved Lochte: "I think the difference with Ryan and other prominent Olympians who I won’t name... is Ryan since the Olympics hasn’t taken a break. Ryan is on a mission. He is probably the most fit team member we have."

Lochte races Phelps in the 400 Intermediate Relay today.

image via jdlasica/flickr

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