3 Questions To Help You Find Your Purpose

I'm lucky enough to work with entrepreneurs who have already found their purpose, and, in doing so, have realized that there are three fundamental things you need to know before you start exploring.

If you don't get clear on this stuff, you could end up following a path that doesn't feel like yours at all. So my advice? Grab a pen and paper, and answer the following questions.

1. What is MY definition of success?

So often we find ourselves using someone else's definition of success by default. Maybe it belongs to your parents, or your friends, or it's just something that you've been conditioned to believe.

Success is what you say it is.

For sure, some people will say it's all about money in the bank, or having a certain type of home or lavish lifestyle, but it's time to start fresh and define what it actually means to you.

What does success look like for you? What are your metrics? Is it important to you to have heaps of time to spend with the people you love? Maybe you want the freedom to work from anywhere on the planet? Is it as simple as being able to pick up your kid from school and go hang out in the park?

Oh, and don't go thinking it's not "spiritual" to want to make money. If money is a metric, write it down!

The important thing here is to really lean into the details of what success means to you. It's so easy to start racing down a path that doesn't necessarily belong to you. The clearer you are about your definition of success, the more likely you'll figure out a way to get there.

2. How do I want my life to feel?

Knowing how you want to feel will act like a compass for every single decision you make. If you want to feel free, then ask yourself, "Is what I'm doing today moving me toward freedom or away from it?"

Be mindful that if one part of your life is feeling particularly sucky right now, it's likely that one of your values is being stomped on. Use it as a tool to recognize what's important to you. Sometimes the not-so-great stuff is actually a really useful lesson to show us what we're missing.

This isn't about making huge decisions every single day, it's about making little shifts toward how you want to feel. You'll be amazed how simple this process is and how it can help you navigate your way to finding your purpose.

3. What lights me up?

I learned this one the hard way. It's so easy (and super common) to end up doing something because you're really good at it. Sometimes it just seems like the smartest thing to do. You'll get a ton of support from people around you, because it's a good, safe option but one day you'll wake up and think: Huh, this doesn't actually light me up.

I'm not saying you should start from scratch, but I can tell you from my own experience that so many of your current skills are way more transferable than you think.

Focus on what excites you. The stuff you could talk late into the night about. You know that feeling when time seems to zip past, when you're working on something and it just feels like you're in full flow?

It's crazy how easy it is to spot this in other people. It's part of the reason why I work with entrepreneurs. I adore seeing people who are totally in their element. You can see it in everything they do.

Make a list of all the things that seriously light you up. Don't judge it. Don't rush to make decisions (Oh, I love cooking, so I should open a restaurant); simply lean into those things. Make more time to do them. See what ideas show up for you.

Finding your purpose is like going on an incredible hike where you get to blaze a new trail. Take the answers to these questions with you in your backpack. Hold them close. And whenever you're feeling lost, pull them out and remind yourself of your truth.

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