7 Ways To Work Out Without Going To The Gym

Have you ever started an exercise plan only to grow tired of it? Do the classes and the equipment at the gym ever get you down? No worries! Here are seven different and unconventional ways to get in a workout.

1. Help a friend move.

People who live in urban areas move fairly regularly. Offering your friend help with the move (i.e. packing boxes, bringing them up and down the stairs and into a truck and then out of the truck and into the new residence) will definitely make you break a sweat, use your muscles for a type of “resistance” training, and get in some serious cardio as well. Plus, you’ll be doing a good deed for someone you care about.

2. Play with your kids (or nieces or nephews).

Have you ever picked up a 3-year-old, chased him around the yard, or played "horsy" with him (that game where you're the horse and you get to run around with a kid on your back)? If you have, you know that after a few minutes your heart rate goes up, you start breathing heavily — then you give up. Children have an unlimited amount of energy, and they need interaction and bonding activities with their loved ones. Go visit your nieces and nephews, or play with your own kids in the yard for 30 minutes or so. Your muscles will be sore the next day, and you'll feel great about the workout and the great day you had with the little ones in your life.

3. Check out the 7-minute workout.

The 7-minute workout is a mobile app that takes you through 12 high-intensity exercises in just seven minutes! Do about three reps of this routine in the morning, and you'll have burned at least 150 calories before your first cup of coffee! All you'll need is a chair, a wall, and your favorite playlist.

4. Jog and play with a dog (even if it’s not yours).

Jogging with a pet is a fun and interactive way to get your body moving. All dogs need exercise, and your own pooch needs to bond with you and see you as her leader. Fitting a 20-minute jog into your day with your best furry friend can burn 173 calories. And, if you don’t have a dog, volunteer to walk the dogs at your local shelter. It will lift up your spirits like nothing else will.

5. Volunteer to plant trees at your local nature conservatory.

Speaking of volunteering, you can sign up at your local nature conservatory and help them plant trees, clean up gardens and create green areas in your community. You’ll be giving back and improving the beauty and value of your community while burning some serious calories in the process. You can burn an estimated 400 calories for every hour you spend gardening with your neighbors.

6. Revamp the Pomodoro.

The Pomodoro method is a scheduling strategy created to maximize productivity. The key is to break whatever work you need to do into 25 minute work intervals, while taking 5-10 minute breaks in between; so, one full "pom" consisting of one workout phase and one break phase should be no more than 30-35 minutes long. Turn on some music and use the break phase for a 10 minute dance party! This way, doing 3 poms in a row using the dance breaks will allow you to burn roughly 220 calories.

7. Dance the fat away!

Who doesn’t love dancing to their favorite song? Even if you can’t dance, dancing lifts your spirits like few things out there. Everyone is unique when it comes to dancing, so pick the genre that speaks to you the most, get the music going, release some endorphins and sweat like a mofo! Dance around while brushing your teeth, cleaning the house, and even while choosing and outfit for the day. If you add those little dance moves at the end of the day, you have burn more than 300 calories just shaking your bootie to your favorite songs.

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