Feng Shui For The Broke & Busy Person

Written by Hannah Yang

Moving into a new home is an exciting chance to create a space that's comfortable, cozy and above all, speaks to your style. However, many of the tricks to creating your sanctuary can be costly. Who outside of the elite Hollywood circle can afford to hire a decorator, much less a Feng Shui specialist to ensure that the energetic vibrations flowing through the home are conducive to peaceful living?

Here are some easy and cost-effective ideas to bring some comfort and vitality to your home. These simple steps can help you infuse some life into each room by keeping the bad energy at bay and inspiring serenity.

1. Put mirrors in entry ways.

No doubt it's super convenient to have a mirror by the front door to give yourself a quick check before rushing out to work. But did you know that the placement of that mirror can make a huge difference between inviting good energy in and blocking it from your home?

Never have a mirror directly across from the doorway. According to Feng Shui philosophy, this reflects any and all energy coming in through the front entry and sends it right back out. Although mirrors can create the illusion of a larger space, make sure that you put its reflective powers to good use. Try placing the mirror beside the door, in the hallway slightly away from the front door or (if your vanity can handle it), just ditching it altogether.

2. Bedrooms should be soft and romantic.

The bedroom is a sanctuary for sleeping and making sweet sweet love to your honey. That's all. No work, no laptops, no entertainment consoles or electronic devices are allowed, as that can interfere with the tranquillity. Mirrors should face away from the bed; otherwise the energy of a ‘’watcher’’ or ‘’unwelcome guest’’ pervades the room. Pictures should only be of beautiful things, such as flowers or loving images, and photos should only feature the inhabitants of the bedroom. That means no strangers, friends or even family members. Again, it's the whole ‘’unwelcome guest’’ thing ... nobody wants their mothers staring into their love den!

3. Paint the front door.

The direction your front door faces (north, south, east, or west) dictates which element is dominant on your front stoop. Balancing the elements at your front door can help to invite good energy into the house. (To find out which way your front door faces, use a compass. If you’re a bit more Boy-Scout-savvy, then you can always check the direction of the sun.) Each direction comes with its own element, which then comes with their own colours and materials that complement that element.

If your front door faces

  • South, that's concurrent with the Fire element. Painting your door a warm color such as red or orange will bring in the best energy your way.
  • North, that's concurrent with Metal/Water. Best colors for you are blue, black, white, grey.
  • East, that's concurrent with Wood/Water. Best colors for you are green or brown, blue or black, yellow or any earthy colors.
  • West, that's concurrent with Metal/Earth. Best colors for you are white, gray, light yellow, or earth tones

4. Plants, Plants, Plants!

There is nothing more effective than a plant to liven up a room and bring immediate vitality and positive energy. You can't go wrong here, so go ahead and get creative with your potted friends. If you don't have a green thumb, opt for user-friendly plants like bamboo shoots and cacti to get your home feeling green and alive.

Remember to throw out any dead or dying flowers and replace them with live ones as soon as possible. According to Eastern philosophy, dead flowers mean dead love ... and we don’t want any of that bad mojo!

With a little effort and not too much money, Feng Shui can be an affordable and eye-catching way to bring some positive energy into your home.

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