Find Out Pollutants, Cancer Rates, Toxins in Your City

How many people do you know have moved to a new city or town for a new job or career opportunity? But, how many people do you know have moved to a new city -- just for the city -- whether it be for the green spaces, the low cancer rates or the stability of the community? It's easy to pass time googling your future manager, checking out your co-workers on LinkedIn and investigating potential salaries on GlassCeiling. Even more thoroughness should also be applied to your future zip code. One of the most important life decisions that affects our happiness and our health is where we decide to live. Just populate your zip code into  and you'll learn more the pollutants, factories, toxins, unemployment and cancer rates for your community. The website is only in the first phase of development. I'm interested to see how the site develops as these questions becoming even more relevant to America's evolving values.

Here's what I found for my current city of Brooklyn, New York

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