Yoga & Meditation In The Sinai Desert (Gorgeous Photos)

As I sat on a plane from Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo in Egypt, looking down on the rocky and seemingly barren expanse of the Sinai Desert, tears yet again filled my eyes, and a feeling I can only describe as "home" flooded my heart. Seeing my chosen home from altitude in all its majestic glory, or marveling at the intricacies of life as I crouch to watch a dragonfly alight on a lone shrub, freshly sprung from a rare shower of rain, as I crisscross the desert on my dog walks, the power of this feeling that I belong here, is, nine years on, as overwhelming as the day I arrived.

Sinai holds a magic and an energy that no visitor can deny. For so many, it is instantly the place they didn’t even realize they were looking for. Whether it becomes home, or simply a place of reflection, relaxation and restoration to return to again and again, the fact that Sinai holds a place in so many people's hearts and is the site of some of the world’s most profound spiritual legends, is no coincidence.

Join me on a weeklong journey as we retreat from the confines of modern living and allow ourselves to dance, sing, meditate and open our hearts in the freedom and beauty of nature. On this journey, "The Gift of Freedom," we unleash ourselves from the confines of our mind, allowing ourselves space and time to consider our destiny, to play with the fullness of possibilities lying ahead of each of us, and to begin to unfold our potential.

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