Why You Should Say NO To Plastic Surgery & Botox

Written by Machel Shull

"Middle Age Beauty" is a new movement for women and men facing middle age and worrying about wrinkles because they're no longer 20 years old. You may ask: What about botox?

Well, if that’s your thing, I say do the research. Be smart. But don’t go under the knife. Don’t fill your face with synthetic fillers. Think twice before filling a wrinkle that will likely come back, plus cause your face muscles to atrophy. Don’t buy into the plastic world that seems to be trending right now. Stay natural. Find other ways to understand what makes you beautiful and don’t be afraid of what's simply part of the aging process.

Instead, do some hard internal work.

Think about what makes you happy. Ask yourself: Why am I so concerned about this aging thing and why do I feel so insecure about my age? Maybe turn off the nightly news so you don’t have to hear Latisse commercials, facelift fillers, and mood-enhancing drugs. Don't buy into the ad campaigns.

Cultivate some alone time and take a hike in nature. Rescue a cat. Save a dog, save a life. But please stop reducing yourself to a wrinkle. You have reached a period in your life where you can reflect on your past and face your future with a sense of maturity and understanding. You can take time to feel love for who you are and all that you've become.

Stop comparing yourself to your friends and be more accepting of this period and welcome middle age with open arms. You can still live life with as much enthusiasm as you did when you were 25.

You can still feel glamorous. Make time to look great. Eat healthy, exercise and make your soul your top priority. Make time for you. Take time to get more sleep. Don’t lie about your age. Make time to create exciting moments that make you feel like Rocky Balboa. Step outside your comfort zone and discover something that gives you passion.

This is just the beginning of something new and wonderful. I want to inspire those of you—including myself—to step up our health game, our soul game, and our beauty regime. Spend time nourishing the inner you. Get to know your joys, your fears, your loves. Find new friends. Don’t compare yourself to celebrities. Be YOUR own celebrity. Live it up. Be bold. Strike a new pose. Wear a short mini-skirt. Practice yoga. Laugh louder. Watch Seinfeld. Read more, dream more tea. Drink coffee, take a hot bubble bath ...

There are so many ways to stay vibrant and youthful without succumbing to the peer pressure of face fillers… Really? Have we reduced the female species to that?

I want to walk in the sun, wear sunscreen and have a deep and meaningful conversation with women my age about important subjects other than: Why men are all jerks and what do you think of my new lip injection? And why are young girls now in their twenties already filling their face with synthetic fillers?

Stop! Say NO to this billion-dollar business.

This subject is so tired. Let’s give it up. Become holistic. Get inspired. Brighten your Facebook feed. Follow Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook page. Discover what your soul has always wanted to do ... and DO IT. Don’t be defined by an age, by commercials preying on your fears about aging, or friends who think that Botox is still in. It’s not.

You can still be bold, beautiful and sexy without it. Do some homework. Go deep within your soul and pull out the weeds. Figure out what makes you you! Cultivate your genius.

There is only one of you in this world ... so bring your best, and be your best. Breathe in, Breathe out. Release your thoughts. Imagine the woman you want to be and become your dream.

And always keep dreaming.

After all, life can be short. And you are very special. So take time to love your soul and seek healthy living, happy friends and don’t buy into the expiration date dilemma.

Let the words of fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn touch your soul and remind you that you to stay true to yourself and just stay natural.

"The beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows.”

After all, this life is worth making your very own.

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