Why Everyone Should Get To Know Rosewater

The wisdom that teaches the rose to open is the wisdom I call on to face each day. In the face of fear, I open like a rose. Even though I'm tempted to retreat or shut down, instead I feel the sun, take a breath, and open my chest wide.

We're all doing the very best we can, and living openly in the face of life’s challenges is a constant practice. It takes commitment to using the tools that speak to us. Nutrition and wellness are my go-tos to keep my heart open when I face stress, fear, and anxiety about whatever is going on in my life.

The smell of the rose is miraculous. So good that we replicate it as perfumes, candles, room sprays, and bath oils. The aroma is like a temporary escape from the world.

Perhaps there are even unknown healing powers to the rose that match its ineffable beauty. I believe there's a lot we can learn from the rose, which is why I came up with 10 ideas on how you can use rosewater every day. Keep reading and get ready to open up.

Rosewater has been used cosmetically since 3000 BC (Cleopatra used rosewater in her beauty routine!). It’s also been used for centuries in Eastern cooking. The best part is, rosewater is also holistically healing.

Rosewater is rich in antioxidants, high in tannins, packed with flavonoids, and loaded with essential vitamins like A, C, D, E and B3. I love drinkable rosewater, because you can use all the nutritional benefits for internal healing and cleansing! Here are 10 ways to add a bit of rosewater's magic to your everyday life:

1. Green tea

Double anti-aging and anti-carcinogenic benefits. Add a tablespoon to tea.

2. Smoothies

For flavor and increased cleansing, use a splash.

3. Water with lemon

Add a tablespoon to water.

4. Ice cream (any and all nondairy varieties)

For a classy, cleansing treat!

5. Homemade fruit and nut bars

Add a tablespoon to the water in which you soak dried fruit.

6. Hemp or almond milk

For a soothing bedtime drink!

7. Spicy soup

To balance out the heat!

8. Raw coconut kefir

Use in place of citrus.

9. Raw icing

Use for a really “raw-some” birthday cake!

10. Body and facial spray

I keep a spray bottle near my desk and spritz myself throughout the day to refresh my energy and rehydrate my skin!

When choosing a rosewater product, make sure that it is 100% pure and drinkable! Many rosewater products have added synthetics that are not safe for consumption or cleansing. Then, when you have the rosewater you love, leave me a comment below! Let me know your favorite way to use rosewater from the above.

Here’s to your sweet success!

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