5 Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

We live in a world of to-do lists, resolutions, and checklists. We ask, “Where do you see yourself in five or 10 years?” There's a constant pressure to measure ourselves. Realizing our goals is how we ascertain personal progress.

But why is it that some of us seem to have the same goals year after year? What is it that stops us from materializing what we say that we want?

If you keep falling short of your goals, ask yourself if you've repeating the following statements in your head. You'll be surprised by how limiting your own beliefs can be when it comes to achieving your hopes and dreams.

1. I should be pursuing this goal.

Your aspirations may be worthy, but upon closer inspection they may mean very little to you. You may have adopted them because of societal pressures or familial expectations. Perhaps you're on a well-worn path and are simply doing what has always been done.

Pursuing and obtaining something you don’t feel strongly about is possible, but it’s empty. lf it doesn’t resonate, it may be time to release.

2. I'm scared of how my life may change.

When certain goals are realized, there may be subsequent shifts. Will you have time for your family if your business takes off? Will everyone truly be happy for you if you lose weight? Or, there may be additional responsibility for which you feel unprepared. You may question your ability to rise to a new level. You may feel as if you have further to fall, so why elevate in the first place?

Recognize that fear will often accompany progress. However, put it in the back seat and refuse to let it take the wheel. Trust that you won't be given the desire without a means to handle its manifestation.

3. I can do it without addressing my pain.

You have to deal with whatever hurts you. Sometimes, the issue may be directly related to the goal, sometimes not. The problem with unaddressed issues is that they can bind up a great deal of energy.

You may think you're giving everything you have to the task at hand, but subconsciously, part of you is bound elsewhere. Try your best to tie up any loose ends that may be threatening to unravel your intended objectives.

4. I am not a priority.

You may feel obligated to everyone and everything else in your life. In busy situations, it’s easy to put yourself on the back burner. The simple truth is you make time for what you value.

If you are not consciously making time for yourself, what does that say about how you feel about you? When you make yourself a priority, your goals become significant. Until then, they will remain idle.

5. I'm not sure I can even do it.

Self-doubt is very human. However, your success will depend on how pervasive a role it plays in your experience. Occasional bouts of it are to be expected, but if that is your default mode, realizing any goal is almost impossible. You will not manifest what you don’t believe in.

Belief is the key ingredient before any goal is even attempted. Without belief, action is optional. With belief, action is mandatory.

It’s important to evaluate not only your goals but also your relationship to those goals. If you're honest with yourself and unflinching in that evaluation, the reasons for not reaching them will become apparent. Realizing your goals may say a lot about who you are. Not realizing your goals can say just as much, if not more.

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