Mario Batali Writing Vegetarian Cookbook

First, Mario Batali announced that all 14 of his restaurants were partaking in the Meatless Monday campaign. Then came the news that he lost 35 lbs thanks to more veggies in his diet. Now there's news that he is working on a vegetarian cookbook!

In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, when asked about seeing a vegetarian cookbook in his future, Mario replied, "Yes, you do -- and that's a scoop." In addition to the vegetarian cookbook news, Batali says he's on the lookout for two trends: "farmers and vegetarianism." Here are some of the highlights:

Farmers are the next rock stars:

"I see chefs and farmers collaborating even more deeply... For years, chefs have been the rock stars. But the farmers are the next rock stars ... not just in restaurants, but in home cooking."

On the vegetarian trend:

"I think people are going more vegetarian -- not necessarily vegan, but vegetarian," he says.

On his own personal vegetarian diet (change he made within last six months):

"I'm a vegetarian all day until dinner, and I try to eat no meat whatsoever on Monday and Tuesday." he

On why it's the right thing:

"I think overall we're spending too much of our natural resources on producing beef, and better natural resource management is essential to our future. ... So I'm trying to be more responsible.."

via Eater

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