26 Tweaks To Help You Lose Weight & Feel Great

Written by Laura McDonald

Little adjustments create healthier habits that help you feel better, look better, lose weight, and can become spontaneous over a period of time. Bump up the health and happiness in your day with some of these simple tweaks.

1. Start the day with protein.

You’ll stay full longer, have more energy and be more alert. Try organic eggs, an easy tofu scramble or some nut butter on a piece of toasted bread.

2. Drink green tea before you exercise.

The antioxidants and caffeine help increase your metabolic generation of heat. Drink one cup about 10 minutes before you workout.

3. Make at least two people smile today.

If you’re focused on making someone else smile, you are giving, sharing and receiving.

4. Keep a grocery list some place handy and update it often.

Jot down what you need between visits. Note any ingredients you'll need for new recipes you're trying. This helps keep you from feeling overwhelmed and overeating.

5. Don’t go to the market when you’re hungry.

This is good for your waist and your wallet. Have a healthy meal or snack at least 30 minutes before you go grocery shopping.

6. Add some avocado.

It's rich in healthy fats, vitamin E and great for dry skin. Try avocado on salads, sandwiches or in a smoothie.

7. Get the junk-food out of the house.

Clean out your cupboards. If it’s not in there, you can’t eat it.

8. Play a brain game.

Reading, doing crossword puzzles and playing games like chess and scrabble stimulate the brain. Sharpen your mind while you help slow down memory aging.

9. Create activity.

Park farther away, take the stairs, or dust off your bike. Make a date to get outside and move at least five days a week.

10. Write it down.

Keeping a simple journal (on paper, on your phone) brings awareness to the choices you’re making each day. Note what you eat, when you move, and how it makes you feel.

11. Take a walking meditation.

A walk in nature with an active focus on breathing and relaxing is wonderful for mind and body.

12. Move at work.

Every hour get up and move. Do a few jumping jacks, squats, push-ups on the edge of your desk or just stretch it out. On your lunch break get outside for a brisk walk. Even ten minutes is beneficial both physically and mentally.

13. Make salad the center piece of your meal.

Pile on the leafy greens and colorful veggies.

14. Downsize your plate and portions.

A smaller plate equals smaller portions.

15. Listen to classical music while you cook dinner.

There are oodles of positive reasons to incorporate classical music into your life. Listening while cooking at the end of a long day helps me relax, recharge, and be present while I shift gears.

16. Get a doggie bag.

When eating out, ask the waiter to bring half your meal packed to go. This automatically cuts down your portion and gives you a another meal for later that day or the next.

17. Eat with chopsticks.

This helps you slow down for better digestion and gives your brain time to realize your stomach is full.

18. Pack your lunch.

This saves bucks and gives you total control over exactly what you’re eating.

19. Take a few deep breaths.

When you find yourself stressing out over something, mindfully take a few slow deep breaths. Inhale for a count of six, exhale for a count of six. This will calm and center you and potentially prevent over-reacting.

20. Stay away from artificial sweeteners.

They are poison in a bright little package and can actually encourage weight gain.

21. Spend less time in front of screens.

Read a book, listen to some music, contact a friend, or just sit and breathe.

22. Eat at the table.

Not on the sofa. Not in bed. Not on the run.

23. Follow the 80/20 rule.

Here's a handy guideline for many things in life: Eat healthy, whole foods 80% of the day and allow yourself more freedom the other 20%.

24. Add raw nuts and seeds to your diet.

Packed with healthy fat, protein, fiber and minerals, nuts and seeds help boost immunity and energy production. Mix 'em up and toss a small handful on your next meal or pre-pack in a baggie for an on-the-go pick-me-up.

25. Spend a little on someone else.

Pay it forward the next time you're grabbing your morning brew, brighten your love’s day by bringing home a favorite treat or donate $5 to a charity close to your heart. Giving feels good.

26. Do an evening gratitude list.

Before you go to bed, jot down a few good things that happened during your day. Even remembering the simple moments can release endorphins.

What are some of your favorite tweaks?

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