Move to Limit Factory Farms Gains Momentum

If you've seen films like Food, Inc, or read Skinny Bitch or any of Michael Pollan's books, then you're well-aware of factory farming. There's good news today, as an agreement reached in Ohio between farmers and animal rights activists could very well be the beginning of the end of factory farms. The New York Times reports:

Ohio is a big piece of the factory farming puzzle as it's the second largest egg producer in the country (Iowa is number one). And egg production in factory farms isn't pretty:

The United Egg Producers, a national trade group, says that "egg prices would rise by 25 percent if all eggs were produced by uncaged hens." We here at MBG would gladly pay extra, and as Michael Pollan told the Wall Street Journal last week, even paying $8 for eggs at the farmers market isn't a bad deal:

What do you think?

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