Phil Mickelson Goes Vegetarian

It's official. The No.2 golfer in the world, Phil Mickelson, has become a vegetarian. Phil had a health scare two weeks ago in which he was in so much pain he couldn't get off the sofa, and has since gone veg.

Just a few days before his 40th birthday, Mickelson experienced debilitating joint pain, which was later diagnosed as psoriatic arthritis. This led him to make the switch to a meat-free diet. As a guy who invested in Five Guys burger franchise and was known for hitting Krispy Kreme after winning the Masters, this is a huge lifestyle change for him.

Mickelson on the move to a vegetarian diet:

"The last seven weeks -- this will be the shocker -- I've actually been a vegetarian -- believe it or not," he said to a room that quickly erupted in laughter. "I know this is crazy. I know, I know. Can you believe that? I mean it's just, it's not really me. But it has been."

What Phil is eating:

"...a lot of fruits and vegetables and some whole grain wheats and pastas and stuff... And it's actually been great... Foods that I've always avoided, I get to eat, and it's been good."

On being committed:

"As long as I believe that there's a possibility that it will help me overall, yeah, I'll continue to do it... If it will somehow keep this (arthritis) in remission or stop it from coming back, yeah, I'll be able to do it. But I haven't been put to the real test. The real test is driving by a Five Guys and not stopping. I don't know if I can do that yet, but we'll see."

What does Phil say about Five Guys?

"We're working on a veggie burger."

source: Augusta Chronicle

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