10 Simple Ways To Get Happy Today

Written by Elizabeth Rider

Our health is inextricably connected to our happiness. And vice versa.

Those two things come in many ways, shapes and forms, but stripped down to its simplest form, most of us really want out of life is to be happy and healthy.

Sometimes we overcomplicate things that are really quite simple. Instead of trying to solve the world's problems (or your own) in every moment of your life, try one or all of these simple ways to feel happy and healthy right now.

1. Spend at least 15 minutes outside. Every. Single. Day.

Fresh air, sunshine (even when it's cold) and connecting with nature are key to any person's health and happiness. A deficiency in vitamin D can be related to depression and a whole host of other health issues, so get outside as often as you can.

2. Call an old friend and reminisce.

Feed your soul with some friend time. Genuinely caring how your friends are doing in life and listening to what's new with them will warm your mind, body and spirit.

3. Play with a pet.

Because, really, has petting a dog or cat ever made you sad? Don't have your own pet? That's OK, volunteering with animals is an amazing thing to do.

4. Volunteer.

Speaking of volunteering, being of service to others is one of the most gratifying things you can do with your free time. Volunteer your time and skills to make someone else's life a little brighter and lighter.

5. Sweat.

Aerobic exercise releases stress and boosts serotonin levels, which gives you that mood-boosting "high" after a workout. You'll get a double dose of physical and mental health from just 30 minutes of physical activity, so get on it ASAP.

6. Give a someone a compliment.

Feel good by making other people feel good.

7. Drink some green juice.

All of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in green juice will make flush the body of toxins and give you a mood-boosting energy kick.

8. Indulge in a little self-care.

Our minds are running 24/7, put down the technology and indulge in something that allows you to relax and let your mind go. Choose something that's right for you — it might be meditation, hiking, a long hot bath with a gossip magazine — whatever just helps you let your mind go.

9. Eat some chocolate.

Chocolate contains powerful antioxidants and mood-boosting compounds — but choose wisely. Just make sure it's at least 70% cocoa, and choose organic if you can. Skip the milk chocolate and candy bars; they're mostly sugar and might actually make you feel depressed about an hour after you eat them.

10. Forgive someone.

I once heard a quote that went something like this: "Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent-free in your mind." Well isn't that the truth!? Finally letting go of a grudge and forgiving someone will melt tension out of your body. Maybe it's a close friend, maybe it's yourself? Whoever it is, let it go. Life's too short to let a grudge take up space in your beautiful mind.

Now it's your turn. What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments below to inspire other readers to find happiness, too.

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