Kristin McGee's 8 Beginners Pilates Moves

The star of MTV's Yoga & Pilates DVD series, Kristin McGee has choreographed countless DVDs, including her two newest, Weight Loss Pilates and Beginners Pilates. She's appeared on Good Morning America and The Tyra Banks Show and has graced the covers of Pilates Style and Fit Yoga magazines.

Kristin shares eight beginners Pilates moves that we can try at home or on the go:

1. Zip-Up

A. Stand in Pilates V with hands on thighs.

B. Contract abs, rise to balls of feet, and zip arms up.

2. Pilates Lunge

A. Stand with feet in Pilates V.

B. Lunge on a diagonal, pressing off floor to return.

3. The Bug

A. Place feet hip distance apart; hinge forward.

B. Lift arms to sides with elbows bent; hold one count.

4. Frog Crunch

A. Lie on back with legs above hips in Pilates V.

B. Engage abs, opening legs wide. Exhale, squeezing thighs together.

5. Ballerina Crunch

A. Lie with feet together, knees to sides, and arms in a circle.

B. Lift up, bringing arms forward. Crunch an inch, then lower.

6. Tabletop

A. Sit with arms behind you, fingers pointing forward.

B. Lift pelvis and core to table position. Return to start.

7. Side Teaser

A. Lie on your side, bottom arm on floor, top arm behind head.

B. Use your core to lift upper body. Hold briefly, then lower.

8. Swimming Frog

A. Lie on stomach, legs a bit wider than hips, elbows bent at sides.

B. Lift up, extend arms back, and squeeze thighs. Return to start.

Cover photo by Getty Images, Gallery courtesy of the author

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