A Fun Sequence That Will Stretch You From Head To Toe (Video)

All challenging yoga sequences can be broken down into manageable component pieces. However, when you learn each element of a sequence, step by step, you can begin to accomplish things you never knew were possible.

One of my favorite sequences is the Wild Tree Pose Flow. If a beginner were going to attempt this, it might be difficult, if not potentially dangerous. However, here are five steps (with articles and videos) to help you achieve this advanced flow.

1. Knee to Nose

This exercise works the core, hips, buttocks and chest while helping you prepare to step to the front of your yoga mat. For beginners, it can be challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you'll see your practice (and posture) improve.

2. Side Plank

Side plank not only builds strength in the arms and shoulders but it also strengthens your abdomen and legs. This asymmetrical pose deliberately destabilizes you and requires full core activation for balance.

3. Tree Pose

Tree pose can help improve your balance, and it strengthens your thighs, calves, ankles and spine. It's also good for stretching the inner thighs, chest and shoulders. Once you feel confident doing it

4. Wild Thing

Camatkarasana is a great heart opener that stretches the thighs and hip flexors, as well as strengthens the shoulders and upper back. It can also help battle fatigue or beat mild depression.

5. Upward Facing Dog

This heart opening pose strengthens the spine, arms and wrists while stretching the chest, lungs, shoulders and abdomen. It helps relieve mild depression and fatigue while counter acting other forward folding poses.

Here's the flow:

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