The 4 Stages Of Magic & Manifestation

Written by Sara Avant Stover

We all want to hold our dreams in our hands one day. For some that’s a baby, others a book, others still the keys to a business, a painting, even a soul mate.

However, in this process of making visions reality, we each usually only get around to the first half of the process. We conjure the vision, but fail to act on it or see it through to the end. Even when we do succeed, too often we hurry toward our harvest and leave no time for our inner fields to lie fallow, dormant, preparing them to receive our next vision.

A new paradigm of business and creativity is emerging collectively. One where lines blur between secular and sacred. Between the bottom line and you soul’s superpowers. Between your daily life and your big dreams. Between your extroverted drive to succeed and share, and your introverted need to slow down and be still, and to, above all else, know yourself, be true to yourself, and honor yourself.

If you’re still reading this, then you’re part of this waking up process. This new way beseeches us to become more integrated. To find the inner marriage between our masculine and feminine sides. Between being and doing, sun and moon, giving and receiving.

To make anything happen — to really make anything happen, in a sustainable way, that will contribute to greater social balance, and therefore be of lasting benefit to this world — we need to partner more consciously with the different stages of creation.

We each must continually cycle through each of these four stages of manifestation. Without them, magic can’t … work it’s magic. You might get a few sparkles without them, but the real fireworks will never arrive.

1. Dream.

This is the most “yin” or “feminine” stage of creation. Its season is winter. Its moon phase is the new moon. Within us, it’s the idea. The spark of insight. The vision. Dream. Intuition, or the invisible nudge from deep inside. We can’t see it, touch it, or point to it. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t trust it. Believe. The gifts from the muse can’t be scientifically proven (yet), but they're real. Talk to them. Partner with them. Ask them questions. Trust. They will answer, if you slow down, get quiet, and give them the space to whisper to you.

2. Gestate.

Here is where “yin” and “yang,” “masculine” and “feminine,” start to intermingle. Its season is spring. Its moon phase is the half waxing moon. It's the pollination. The insemination. The energy of life becoming embodied. Nothing short of a miracle, this happens only when the masculine and feminine unite. So much growth happens during this stage, but only at a very microscopic level. It’s underground. Hidden. Like a seed or an embryo. Protect the mystery. Incubate and keep it to yourself.

3. Act.

Now the “masculine” takes the lead. Its season is summer. Its moon phase is the full moon. Once the gestation completes, it’s all forward movement. Up and out. Moving ahead. Making it happen. Clearing the path. Exerting radical discernment to fiercely serve the vision to full fruition. There’s rapid growth and partnership here, happening in the full light of day for all to see and partake in. Execution and embodiment of the vision.

4. Receive and reflect.

Again, the masculine and feminine join together. This is time to slow down, while discerning and harvesting. Its season is autumn. Its moon phase is the half waning moon. After the full fruition of the creative act, it’s time to get quieter and reflect on the process. How did it go? What did you learn? What are you celebrating? What can go better next time? Do you have a sliver of a glimpse into the new vision, or new dream? Harvest the fruits and feast on them. Receive them deeply. Enjoy each one, like a delicious meal.

We need each of these stages. One at a time. Over and over and over again in endless creative cycles.

Which one do you excel at? Forget about entirely? Hate? Long for?

Becoming masterful in all four ensures our creative fertility and the remembrance that all that we devise is a channel for the Divine. Our ideas are as much a miracle as a conception and, when we do all four steps, as powerful, messy, and magical as a birth.

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