You Aren't Bragging If You Like Yourself! How To Boost Your Confidence

Written by Chris Freytag

Confidence can make a big difference in your life, because once you start living from a confident place, you'll be braver. You'll face challenges head on, you'll increase your self-belief and attract positive things and people into your life. When you radiate confidence, life improves.

Here's how to increase your confidence, and as a result, increase your enjoyment of life.

1. Pay attention.

I know there are fabulous things about you. We all have our strengths. What are yours? What do you do well? What do you like about yourself? What do other people say you do well? Let your mind think about what you like about yourself from time to time, instead of dismissing those thoughts. You aren't self-absorbed if you notice what you like about yourself. Consider it an investment in your own self-worth and self-image. And if it makes you feel any better, when your tank is full, you can help other people.

2. Accept compliments.

You know how it goes. You tell a friend, "You look great in that dress." And your friend says: "Really? I've had this dress forever, I'm not sure I like it." Or your friend responds and turns your nice compliment into an insult, like: "This dress? I think I look fat in it." YIKES! Imagine if every time you gave a compliment to someone the response you receive is a smile and a "thank you." WOW! It's a powerful difference.

Practice smiling and saying, "Thank you," the next time you receive a compliment. It's a bigger deal than you might think. When you accept compliments, you take ownership of the compliment, which means you're saying — even silently — I am worthy of this compliment. How great is that?

3. Don't put yourself down. Ever.

Every time you criticize yourself, you're chipping away at your self-image. Why would you consciously choose to do erode your own self-worth? If someone in your past has trained you to be critical of yourself, say: NO MORE. You determine how to feel about yourself, so don't put that power in anyone else's hands. If your past wasn't positive, decide your future will be. It really is a choice you make every day: Will I be kind to myself today? Will I lift myself up, instead of beating myself down? There's no magic potion or process to get you thinking positively about yourself, just start doing it. And give a giant STOP sign to any inner critic. Silence the critics! Show yourself some compassion and some compliments. Own your positive qualities and attributes.

4. Notice the positive qualities of others.

Give up the comparisons. There's one and only you. Don't try and be anyone else or wish you were someone else. A great way to be self-accepting is to be perfectly OK with the greatness of other women. Notice what you like about other women instead of what you don't like. Compliment other friends and relatives. Notice the strengths of others. When you consciously decide to lift other women up, it doesn't mean you have to put yourself down — it means you are confident enough in your own shine to notice it in others! Yeah, you!

5. Make decisions that make you feel good about you.

Every day you make lots of decisions. You make decisions when you don't even realize it. Make sure the decisions you make each day make you feel good about you. Make decisions you're proud of and that boost your happiness. Your decisions should feel like deposits and not withdrawals. Maybe you help a friend, send off a kind email, pay a compliment, decide to work out, take a well-deserved nap, eat a healthy snack, do an hour of yoga or send a note to someone ... each little decision can shape how you feel about yourself. So make the right decisions that constantly refuel you and how you feel about yourself to boost your confidence.

Own your confidence. You aren't bragging if you like yourself. You don't have to apologize for having a healthy self-esteem. You don't have to apologize if you're already living as fabulous you, and you don't even need these tips because you already have it down. You GO! Own your confidence and your positive self because it's contagious. You will attract an abundance of positive people and opportunities in your life when you radiate confidence. Plus, you will be a great example to others on how they too can love themselves and SHINE!

P.S. Feeling brave? Join my #loveyourbody movement this year!

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