Yoga In Brazil (Incredible Slideshow)

Brazil is a place famous for soccer, samba and carnival, a place where joy and energy pervade the air. It's also a country rich with natural beauty. Brazilians are warm, open people, and they have a unique and powerful connection to the earth. So it's no surprise that yoga has taken hold in Brazil, and the yoga community is growing strong.

This is especially true in major cities like Rio de Janeiro. Cariocas (people from Rio) live a super-relaxed beach lifestyle, and love outdoor health and fitness. I mean, who wouldn't want to hop into a handstand on Ipanema Beach, or paddle out for some SUP yoga next to Sugarloaf Mountain? Rio de Janeiro is one giant outdoor playground — or to me, a giant outdoor yoga studio.

When you come visit, you'll understand why. The breathtaking scenery in Brazil is absolutely crying for you to sun-salute it. I'd love to introduce a few of my favorite "yoga studios" in Brazil, and if you want more photos like these, you can check out my Instagram account.

Adho Mukha Vrksasana at Arrial d'Ajuda, Bahia

Upside-down palm tree in Arrial d'Ajuda, Bahia
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Ustrasana on the Guaratiba Bay

Sup-Strasana on the Guaratiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro

Acroyoga Flight; Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro (with Agustin Aguerreberry)

Colorful Flight, Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro
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Virabhadrasana III on Yoga Deck at Pousada Picinguaba, Picinguaba, São Paulo

Black and White Warrior, Picinguaba Bay, São Paulo

Vasisthasana Variation on Pedra do Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro (Agustin Aguerreberry)

Plank on a Rock, Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro
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Urdhva Dhanurasana with IIhas Cagarras in the Background

Bridge over the Cagarras Islands, Rio de Janeiro

Adho Muka Svanasana with Praia de Ipanema in the Background

Dogs Days on Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro
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Hanumanasana, Parque Nacional da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro

Monkey in the jungle, Tijuca National Park, Rio de Janeiro

Adho Mukha VrksasanaTakeoff on a Helipad in Guarujá, São Paulo

Takeoff in Guarujá, São Paulo
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Side Crow (Parsva Bakasana) Litoral Sul, São Paulo

Bird on the ledge, South Coast, São Paulo

Hanumanasana, Praia do Diablo, Rio de Janerio

Monkey in the sand, Devils Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana Variation

Breathing in, stretching out in Maraú, Bahia

Urdhva Danurasana Nas Cachoeiras Na Floresta Nacional de Tijuca

Bridges and falls; at the waterfalls in the Tijiuca National Forest.

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