4 Unlikely Techniques To Help You Lose Weight

Written by Osha Key

January is the month when people tend to take action to lose weight after months of merely thinking about it. They make resolutions, start on a new diet plan, renew the gym subscription. Most lapse and fail. Here are some powerful mental techniques to help you succeed this time.

1. Think back to how you got overweight in the first place.

What were the key steps? Was there a single event that caused you to adopt bad habits? Maybe it was very gradual? Remember that almost everyone’s weight gain is the result of personal choices the person made. For example, indulging in a huge pizza, staying at home instead of exercising, or eating late at night can all contribute to extra pounds. If they occurred one or two times, these choices wouldn't cause a problem. But it is surprising how quickly bad habits multiply once you let them in. What were your choices that most contributed to your weight gain, decline in health and loss of vitality?

Acknowledge the choices that led you to where you are. And now decide to make the opposite choices instead. For example, order a salad, or cook at home, instead of indulging in junk food. Stick to your exercise plan. Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to have time to exercise. Whatever made you gain weight, be conscious of it, and do the opposite.

2. Let go of fat by letting go of unneeded physical attachments.

Get rid of old things in your wardrobe, objects lying around the house, letters from your ex that you keep in a box. By detoxing your environment, you remove physical pollution. Fat is pollution too. These things are connected. It’s harmful for your body to have too much fat, and you need to purify yourself. But you need to get rid of pollution in all aspects of your life, and decluttering your home may help you sustain the mental effort to slim down your body and keep it that way.

Let go in emotional areas. Do you have relationships that no longer serve you, or that have become a drain on your energy? Start the purification process. Fat is a symptom. Fat cushions us from experience, and deludes us into thinking we’re safe and comforted, and grounded. But it's a prison, cutting us off from realizing our life’s potential. Let go of all those unnecessary attachments.

3. Stick to a daily ritual.

Although rituals might seem silly and ineffective at first, they're a powerful tool for sustained weight loss. You need to devise your own daily ritual, perhaps with the help of a guide or friend. It could include meditating and exercising every morning, starting the day with a little freshly squeezed lemon juice in warm water. Symbolic self-affirmation works for some people. Take a minute to pause, raise your arms to the sky and say to yourself, “The fat is leaving me, I don’t need it in my body, I let go of it.”

As testimony to the power of daily ritual, I refer you to the recent story of Judith Tebbutt who, while on vacation in Africa, was kidnapped and held to ransom by a gang of criminal pirates. Imprisoned for months in a small room 24/7, she built a daily routine of physical exercise, Pilates, and stretching. Interviewed after her release, she told of how the ritual not only kept her fit and healthy, but also helped her to keep sane, and build her mental strength, to help cope with her ordeal.

4. When you meditate, mentally separate yourself from your fat.

It’s all about self-perception. Most people come to think that their fat is part of them, but it's not. In your mind, separate yourself from the unwanted fat with which you are temporarily burdened. Imagine it sliding off, disappearing, as you stick to your daily ritual, and maintain your healthy diet. In your mind’s eye, look down and picture how your body will appear when the fat has fled. This kind of mental exercise will help you break any false identification with the fat. Once you release the mental attachment, the physical will follow much more easily.

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