Get That Mama Glow! How To Feel Blissful Before, During & After Pregnancy

Written by Elena Brower

Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow, is a teacher, an inspirational speaker, a mama, a friend, and a badass woman. I've admired Latham for years and recently had the chance to interview her about bringing the magic back to pregnancy and childbirth.

EB: What are the three most common questions you get asked about pregnancy?

LT: Women always ask, "What if I'm over 35, am I doomed?" I say, biological age and chronological age don't run concurrently so your lifestyle is a huge determining factor in fertility—not your birthdate alone.

Another big one is, "How do I lose the baby weight?" It's not a competition with regards to weight loss. It's all about eating well, staying super hydrated, having a supportive community, and breastfeeding. Nursing your baby will help burn 600 calories a day and it contracts your uterus back down to its normal size.

Also, pregnant women are afraid of the pain and want to know how to manage aside from an epidural. This is why yoga is such a gift; the breath is a bridge for consciousness and helps us get to altered states naturally.

Birth is a trance, like meditation and doodling, or daydreaming. Your brainwaves slow down and become more uniform and you enter a primal state, which governs the birth process. If you stay in a state of relaxation and don't allow fear to settle in, then you can experience less sensation in the form of pain.

What was your greatest happy surprise of pregnancy?

Meeting my son for the first time, seeing his big red lips and brown eyes, his long hair and fingers, touching his newborn skin, marveling at how small and perfect he was.

What was the biggest learning experience?

Just surrendering and learning to really listen to what I need to feel my best. Once I had the baby, I learned to harness my glow power, that inner light within. His birth ignited a movement within me and that's what I intend to share with the world.

As a mama who glows, what are the three habits you consistently maintain (and recommend) that give you your glow?

These are a few of my simple glow tips for luminous living: (1) Learn the power of no. I practice saying no to set healthy boundaries. (2) Establish a glow time routine. Self care is imperative; you have to look after yourself first. When you're well taken care of, you can be a better mother and leader. (3) Eat greens. I am all about my greens—juiced, sautéed, tossed ... any way I can get them. Greens help regulate our blood sugar and stave off illness and help keep our cells happy.

What's the core mission of Mama Glow?

Our mission is to empower women to tap into their glow power and reclaim their bodies as beautiful, capable, and sacred. I want to enhance the way women experience pregnancy and birth and offer them tools and hand-holding along the way. The birth process is magical and mystical and I am all about creating a blissful space for the expectant woman to take her rite of passage and give birth to her baby.

Who are you reaching with your work?

Our site is for all women—those thinking about babies, those currently pregnant, new moms, and even women dealing with fertility challenges.

What advice would you offer to those of us who are building our brands?

Birthing your brand starts with creating strong brand assets first. What do you rise for? What is your intention with this work? Who do you serve? How does the brand experience feel?

Really go inward for understanding around what unique experience you'll be delivering to the world. Then you can emerge with incredible insight about your target market—what infrastructure is needed, and also the fine points, like how the logos should look, what fonts and colors should be used, etc.

The next step after building a strong identity is to discover which brands and luminaries are aligned with you, which have the same DNA. Sometimes doing this in the early stages helps you to shape your identity. In other words: look for your inspiration, define it, and DO THE WORK. So many people get caught up with being on TV and getting press clips. Just do the work, cultivate the brand. Where you focus your energy fruit is born.

I believe relationships are currency, and you must cultivate them. Reach out to brands you want to work with, keep them abreast of your happenings, explore how you can work together to create value in the world. Don't get intimidated; know your worth and own it.

Definitely the most important question: what's the latest proudest with regards to your family / son?

You know, I was proud of my son when he was born ... so everything he does is just a cherry on top. We are so blessed to come to know more of ourselves through our children. My son said to me, "If it weren't for me, there would be no Mama Glow," and he's right. It was through my experience with his birth that I stirred up the vision for what would become Mama Glow, the book, the brand, the movement. So I am so grateful that my life's work sustains us.

My son is a little light worker—he just spoke at the United Nations Youth Assembly as the youngest on a panel about entrepreneurship, technology, music, and self confidence. It was amazing.

He is living his dreams. Everything he says he wants to do, I support him and it comes to fruition. He wrote on his vision board that he wanted to deejay for the President of the United States and The New York Knicks and he had the honor of doing both a day apart—opening for Bill Clinton, and spinning tunes for the NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden for 25,000 spectators. He has more large-scale events scheduled for this year. I am really impressed with his level of calm and focus and part of it comes from his yoga practice. He takes meditation moments and it helps him to get ready for gigs.

This interview was edited and condensed.

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