3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Productivity

Life can feel like a full-time job with how much stuff is going on. Although it's really nice to feel free at times (I don't structure anything on weekends or holidays), it would drive me absolutely nuts to operate like that during the week. I absolutely would not be able to run my business and the rest of my life with the quality and speed they require of me.

So, what happens when you struggle immensely with efficiency? Here are three ways you can boost your productivity levels:

1. Track how long it takes to complete essential tasks.

If you don't already know how long it takes you to get things done, find out.

Once you've gathered this information, think about the ways you can save yourself time or the best way to structure the evening so you don't feel five steps behind yourself or put your kids to bed an hour late because you're running behind. Is there anything you can multitask? I do a lot of my conference calls while I'm grocery shopping, cleaning my house and preparing meals.

Once you understand what needs to be done and what you do it will be easier for you to structure it.

You don't have to become a crazy person and micromanage time. This is not about becoming uptight or a freak, it's about make the time work for you, by understanding what needs to be done and how to best use your time.

2. Make a schedule.

Many people have difficulty sticking to a schedule. You might make the schedule, but if you don't stick to it, it's worthless. If at 9 a.m. GO TO THE GYM is on your schedule, don't do anything else. GO. If you're still fussing around the house or sitting at your desk at 9 a.m., you're not holding yourself accountable.

By scheduling things, you make time for what matters to you. If you use that time to do what you actually want to do rather than live in excuse land, then you'll feel better, and the things you want to do will get done.

Every minute and every hour count. It's your life, so you have to choose wisely and consciously how you want your time to be utilized. Making a schedule will help you become aware of how valuable time is.

3. Make technology work for you.

Using technology that make your life easier can help you be more efficient. A lot of time gets wasted on doing stupid stuff or not knowing how to utilize systems that make your life work. For example, you might use a note-taking app to keep all your ideas and plans handy as you're on the go.

Whether it's grocery shopping, cooking, getting your workout in, or going through your work tasks, using technology can help you think about the best possible way to execute what you need. The more and more you think in systems (which are efficient) the more and more how you move through the world will be second nature and not a pain in the bum.

How do you struggle to be efficient? I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments in the box below.

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