The #1 Detox Myth You've Probably Fallen For

Detox can play an extremely important role in everyone’s life. In my life=, detox has been simply transformational. Unfortunately, detox falls prey to many sorts of mythicism and folklore, which ultimately does damage to what people think about detox.

One of the biggest detox myths that you’re likely fallen for (me included!) is that our colons store up years, if not decades, of encrusted fecal matter. Heard that before? No kidding! In fact, not only did I believe it for years, but up until a year ago I taught it myself to my own clients.

The fact of the matter, though, is that while cleansing does have therapeutic value, it's not because of fecal matter buildup.

So what’s really going on?

What is really happening to your body is that the increase in fiber you’re consuming (an essential part of almost every detox) is causing more food to move through your system.

This leads many people to believe they’ve had junk in there for years, when really they’re just having more frequent bowel movements and a quicker transit time for food passing through.

This uncovers a very important but often ignored part of our culture: constipation.

While our colons don’t store fecal matter for decades, they can most certainly suffer from sluggish elimination (aka constipation) which causes irritation in the lining of our colon and an excess mucous buildup.

In fact, constipation is suffered by millions of people and may be linked to a host of maladies, including colon cancer. Most importantly, it’s increasingly known that the health of our colon is linked to our emotions and our overall health.

It’s for this reason that detoxing is SO important, not just for short-term health, but in order to set in the long-term habit of eating more fiber-rich, fresh food.

What educators need to emphasize is not that the colon stores junk from years and decades ago (i.e. a scare tactic) but that a vital component of a successful detox – and life! – is to increase the level of fiber, ideally through fresh, whole foods to support our colons for lasting health.

My favorite solution? Start with green smoothies. There are loads of articles on this very site about how green smoothies are simply a superb way to bump your health up to the next level.

Looking for something more rigorous? Learn more about my 21-Day Guided Green Smoothie Detox where we’ll detox the right way (without the scare tactics – I promise).

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