How To Create Room In Your Life For Lasting Change

This year, putting up my Christmas decorations became more of a “decluttering project.”

I decided that while I was decorating, I would get rid of anything in storage that was broken or we no longer used. Little did I know, this task would turn out to be a life project.

As I went through countless storage totes sifting through what worked and what didn’t, I realized how “grippy” I've been. Holding on to things that half work or are broken, things that are simply taking up space. WHY?!

Because letting go can be painful, even when the thing, habit, belief or person no longer serves our journey.

We're creatures of habit and comfort and letting go is hard. For me, many of the broken things in those totes had an emotional connection to my deceased mother…so I held on.

Suddenly it dawned me: Where in my life am I gripping to what no longer serves me? Truthfully, I got upset when I realized that my “grippyness” doesn’t just apply to broken things in totes. Then the voice in my head said, "You have to make room in your life now, to let the future life you want in.”

Where in our lives do we block ourselves from receiving great lessons, opportunities, people, things, etc. because we hold on to clutter? Both physically and emotionally.

I began thinking, “What else am I holding on to that no longer serves me? What beliefs, people, repeated patterns, stress, am I holding onto that is taking up precious space?"

As 2014 approaches, I can’t think of a better time to make space in all areas of your life. Ask yourself this question and journal your answer: where in my life, can I make space to let in the blessings that better serve my journey for the future?

Here are some tips to help you start the process of creating space.

1. Get crystal clear – what do you want your future life to look like? (if you don’t know what you want, start with what you DON’T want)

2. Ask the question: what’s holding me back from having that life? Be honest with yourself

3. Declutter! Once you figure out what’s holding you back, start decluttering. Clean out your physical space, eat healthier, move away from draining relationships, journal…you get the drift.

Whether it’s your closet space or your heart space, energy is everywhere and clutter drains energy. The good news is you get to decide what type of energy fills the precious spaces of your life. So I ask you: how much longer are you willing to put up with what no longer serves you at the expense of what does?

I invite you to make room; let go of the emotional and physical clutter. Make space in your your closet, your home, your body, your spirit, your heart…Just declutter with the intention that you’re making room for something great! Because I promise you, something bigger and better awaits to fill that newly empty space!

I would love to hear what in your life you plan to make room for in the comments below!

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