5 Small Changes That Turned My Life Around

About a year ago, I was sick; I mean REALLY sick. I had to quit my job, my marriage was iffy, and I was a mess health-wise. I had to do something to fix this or I wasn’t going to get better. I took a step back from my situation, took it all in, and decided it was time to make changes.

At first, I started by setting a goal to change just five things in my life, and I kept them small. It made everything more manageable. And once those five changes became a part of my daily life, it was easier to make bigger changes.

Here are 5 changes that will get you started on a new path to healthy:

1. Have just one raw meal a day.

Have a salad, or stop cooking your spinach and eat it with a little olive oil and lemon instead. It’s not a huge commitment, just one meal! Smoothies are another great way to start going raw. Throw a banana, a handful of spinach and some coconut juice in a blender and PRESTO—you'll have a great raw snack.

2. Have more orgasms.

Orgasms release oxytocin into your brain, the hormone that stimulates feelings of warmth and relaxation. Orgasms also release neurochemicals that can help you get to sleep, live longer, stimulate your brain, and keep you looking young. Get creative! And don’t make it someone else’s responsibility or fault that you’re not.

3. Meditate, just a little.

I know, it sounds impossible! But TRY to give yourself 5 minutes to quiet everything—your breath, your mind, and your heart. Even just closing your eyes for five minutes will make a world of difference in the other 23 hours and 55 minutes of your day. Do it while you’re in your car or sitting at a red light! (Keep your eyes open, though.) Heck, try doing it in the shower while you’re conditioning your hair! Make a habit of connecting with your breath and slowing down while your conditioner does its thing.

4. Get rid of one chemical in your life.

This one is so much easier than it probably sounds. The products and detergents we use to clean and sterilize our worlds are so harsh on the environment and ourselves. They pollute the soil, our water, and our bodies absorb them in what we eat and drink AND apply to our skin. Think about it for a second: Your lotion contains petroleum products. Ew! Do something as simple as buying sulfate-free shampoo, or start using organic, plant-based window cleaner. There are so many products on the market now that promote a chemical-free life. Pick just one.

5. Finally, and most importantly: remember what makes you happy.

Maybe it sounds stupid, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves of what makes us happy in order to get through the unpleasant, stressful or straight-up bad times. We can get so overwhelmed with our lives that we lose sight of why we do the things we do, who we do them for, and forget to take a moment for joy. Write a list of what makes you happy and put it on your computer or your bathroom mirror—somewhere you spend time.

Any one of these tips can change your life. What steps on a new path are you going to take? I'd love to hear from you!

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