Q & A with Amanda Beard: Gold Medal Mom

Amanda Beard began her Olympic swimming career at the 1996 Atlanta games (at age 14!), winning three medals (two silver, one Gold). As a four-time Olympian she's won seven medals and looking for more as she trains for the 2012 games. But being under the microscope at such a young age isn't always a great thing as Amanda shared the ups-and-downs swimming with the New York Times yesterday. But regardless of previous expectations, Amanda has managed to do it all -- whether it's been her broadcast career, spread in Playboy, or anti-fur campaign for PETA, Amanda is a super-athlete -- and now a super-mom.

MindBodyGreen: How is your training and preparation different for the 2012 Olympics than your other Olympics?

Amanda Beard: My schedule is 100 times more hectic then ever. With my son occupying every free second. That changes everything! My training is a lot more intense in and out of the water then it has been in years. I am lifting a lot more then I ever have. I also just started doing a lot of kettle bell work. My pool workouts are pretty similar to what I've always done but I only do one pool workout a day now instead of two.

MBG: How did you lose weight after giving birth?

AB: It's probably the hardest thing I've done in awhile. I've never had to lose weight before, but I put myself on a strict paleo diet and workout everyday.

MBG: How has becoming a mom changed your attitude about food?

AB: Since having Blaise my diet has completely changed. I want him to eat healthy and he learns by how mommy and daddy eat. So we try to set a good example.

MBG: So what does a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner look like in your house?

AB: Breakfast would be eggs with a side of fruit.

Lunch would probably be a salad with lots of veggies and some protein like chicken on top

Dinner would be lots of veggies and a protein. Either red meat or chicken. We grill a lot of our meats so they are tasty without adding a lot of sauces.

MBG: Favorite healthy food? Favorite healthy snack?

AB: Hard boiled eggs are a biggie in our house also a handful of nuts or some fruit.

MBG: Favorite guilty indulgence?

AB: We eat desert once a week. I like it simple. A good milkshake makes me very happy.

MBG: How do you relax after a long day?

AB: I relax with my husband and son. Our favorite evenings are barbecuing and watching a movie; although Blaise is usually asleep by the time we start a movie.

MBG: What's the biggest life lesson you've learned from swimming?

AB: Swimming has taught me discipline. It has definitely prepared me for handling all the difficult tasks I face in my life. I have grown up with a structure and routine and it adds balance to my life. 

MBG: You've met a lot of amazing people, anyone you haven't met but would like to meet?

AB: I would love to meet Steven Spielberg. So many amazing movies. The guy must be interesting to listen to.

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