How To Enjoy Your Vacation And Stay Healthy

Vacation is a time to take a break from normal routines. But that shouldn't mean throwing all of your health supportive activities out the window. It's possible to enjoy your vacation AND stay healthy. Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Try not to bring a strict set of rules with you.

Allow yourself to explore new cultures and cuisines! When in Rome…

2. Be mindful of your choices so that you don’t suffer from negative consequences.

For example, if you eat foods that make you sick (such as gluten if you are sensitive), booze every night, and don't exercise, you might find yourself becoming tired and cranky and that's certainly no way to enjoy your vacation!

3. If you’re flying to your destination, walk around on the plane.

This keeps your cleansing lymphatic system active, helping to move toxins, and keep you from feeling stiff and dull. It also helps to prevent the blood clots that are associated with prolonged sitting on planes.

4. When it comes to your food, find the balance, so that you stay on track with some things, and loosen up on others.

What works for me? I keep my usual healthy food routine all day, and then relax a bit at dinner with a lovely wine and a delicious dessert.

5. Prioritize what's most important.

For me, I make sure to exercise to release toxins and feel great. This is the antidote for extra calories and brain fog from any sugar or alcohol I consumed the day before.

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