10 Superfoods To Give You A Holiday Boost (Infographic)

Written by mindbodygreen

The holidays are here and there's no better time to reach for the brightly colored produce that delivers disease-fighting phytochemicals. In the past few years, it seems everyone has believed that kale is king! and all you need are greens when it comes to fruits and vegetables. But, while greens are powerfully nutritious, it is important to look beyond just greens and enhance your nutrient intake by consuming a variety of fruits and veggies from all ends of the color spectrum. That's where the reds come into play. These newest stars of the juicing world are gaining more and more attention thanks to their immense health benefits and delicious flavors.

At Suja we're passionate about sharing the highest quality organic/non-gmo juices and smoothies. We use cold-pressure instead of heat, the newest way to preserve the awesomeness of what's bottled. With a wide range of organic cold-pressured offerings, Suja has a juice or smoothie for every lifestyle that offers a purely convenient way to get a daily dose of nutrient dense fruits and veggies. We wish you all a long, beautiful holiday that's berry, merry and bright.

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