7 Simple Steps To Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

Written by Rebecca Butler

It’s hard to believe that it’s already goal-planning time again, but it is. I’m soon leading a goal-planning session at my studio, so I thought I’d share my approach. The year 2013 was an incredible one for me, and 2014 is already shaping up nicely. Who am I not to share the joy?

1. Stop trying.

As soon as you stop trying, things become far more accessible. I’m not saying don’t do your best; doing your best is essential. But stop striving. Stop scheming. Stop attempting to control. Once you take on a struggle-free approach, things become so much easier.

2. Meditate daily.

Even if you can only carve out five minutes, still make the time to meditate. It allows you to get centered. It allows you to focus on what you’d like to create.

3. Be creative.

We are meant to create. It's the energy of life that moves through us. Don’t hesitate in your creation. If it’s never been done before, all the better. If no one else understands, take that as a marvelous sign that you're on the right track. Let yourself be in creation. It makes your soul happy.

4. Mindfully set your intentions.

This one is so important that I teach an entire workshop on it. Move throughout your day setting your intention proactively in each segment. This is a practice taught by Esther Hicks. In this manner, you will find yourself in a constant state of presence. You will not fall into a reactive mode and then wonder how you got there. You won’t spin around in circles desperately trying to get things done. You will simply set your intention for the next phase, then proceed, full of joy and curiosity about how it will unfold.

5. Stay in gratitude.

Start and end your day with a gratitude list. List anything that comes to mind, physical things, emotions, experiences, people, sounds, smells, sensibilities, actions — little and large. There is no wrong answer. And then let go of everything else. Treasuring our lives means being in a constant state of appreciation.

6. Don’t be afraid.

Fear will take you out. Fear wants to take you out. We all have fear. Mostly, we fear pain, and given that most of us are safe in our daily lives, our fear is usually of psychological pain. We fear embarrassment, disruption, and change. We fear losing love or gaining weight. We fear pimples and empty bank accounts. We fear so much. If you stop allowing fear to dictate who you can and cannot be, you become far braver day by day. Learn to accept that pain is just another experience in life, and stop allowing fear of it to rule your behavior. You will become so much more connected to your true essence in this journey.

7. Accept that some things will work out on their own.

You cannot control how it’s all going to work out; you can simply accept that it will. Let go of the need to know the details. Let go and just believe. Believe that everything is going to be OK. Because it is. Everything is going to be exactly as it should be. Because it will.

Put your best foot forward, be in gratitude, release the fear and decide to make this your very best year.

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