23 Tips To Feel & Look Great When You Travel

Written by Michele Conigliaro

There’s an art to traveling ... and an even finer art in feeling and looking great while doing so. Traveling often leaves us feeling (and looking) tired and uncomfortable in our own skin. Between the dry air on the plane, eating quick meals, lack of movement, and deviating from workout routines, it's no wonder it’s tough to both look AND feel great while traveling.

Good news! These tips and tricks will help make it possible.

What to pack:

Note: I've listed a few brands I love, below, and I'm not affiliated with any of these companies! Just sharing my faves in case it saves you time shopping.

  1. Antibacterial wipes: Safeguard your health by killing germs, bacteria, viruses (and perhaps de-crusting some random food particles along the way!) by wiping down the entire seat area, including: seat, headrest, tray table, buttons, etc. Yes, people may give you funny looks, but who cares, at least YOU are germ-free! (Brand I Love: EO sanitizing hand wipes in Organic Lavender)
  2. Emergen-C: Pack a stash for hydration, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and an extra 1,000 mg of vitamin C. Add to a water bottle and sip while in-flight.
  3. Bach’s Rescue Remedy: Adding a few drops under the tongue helps your body acclimate to stress and changing environments.
  4. Essential lavender oil: Rub in palms for uplifting aromatherapy. Also great to dab on temples to help relax, naturally.
  5. Body cream or oil: Skin gets extremely dry from the recirculating plane air. Hydrate with high-quality cream or body oil by rubbing on cuticles, hands/feet and any dry skin. (Brands I Love: Josie Maran’s Organic Argan Oil, Aesop, L'Occitane)
  6. Comfy socks & cashmere scarf: Apply cream to feet and wear a pair of cozy socks to stay both warm and receive a hydrating foot treatment all at once. Use your cashmere scarf to double as a blanket in flight to stay cozy. Cashmere is a luxury, but worth the splurge.
  7. Face peel & mask: Post-flight, use a mask containing clay or activated charcoal to clear congested pores and detoxify the skin. (Brand I Love: Giovanni D:tox purifying mask) After 24 hours, use a face peel to exfoliate and brighten fatigued skin. (Brand I Love: Ren Glycolic Lactic Radiance Renewal Peel)
  8. Digestive enzymes: These support and balance digestion when taken after heavy meals. (Brand I Love: Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System)
  9. Probiotics: Keep your body balanced by taking probiotics daily—both in the morning and at night while traveling. (Brand I Love: Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics)
  10. Green tea & detox tea: Consume extra antioxidants by sipping on green tea in flight, and each evening before bed. Rotate with a detox blend for extra purifying benefits. (Brand I Love: Kusmi ‘I Love my Detox’ Tea)
  11. Fresh lemons: Bring a couple in your carry-on, squeezing fresh juice in your water during flight for extra cleansing and detoxing effects.
  12. Superfoods to go: Bring greens on the road with portable super greens. They're easily added to water or juice in-flight—also a great way to start the morning. (Brand I Love: Amazing Grass Super Greens)
  13. High-energy object: Carry a high-energy object for mental calm and spiritual protection. Some ideas: an amulet, a small pocket crystal, prayer card, photo of your family, or an object gifted with love. I always wear the amulet my sister gave me ... it makes me feel better.

What to do:

Promote circulation. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes to promote circulation (and sanity!). This is especially important, given that you're at a higher-risk for blood clots while flying and staying immobile for long periods of time.

Stretch & move. Keep your circulation optimal by performing simple stretches and practicing deep breathing. This is crucial for overall wellbeing, and also helps avoid aforementioned blood clots.

Eat right. Some say fasting is the antidote for jet lag. If that sounds a little extreme, try sticking to a light diet of fruit, smoothies, and salads the day of travel. Practice proper food combining to prevent bloating and aid in digestion (i.e. eat fruits on empty stomach, eat proteins last, etc.)

Stay hydrated (inside & out). Water is essential while flying. Drink 10 ounces of water for every hour in air. I buy the largest water bottle(s) possible once I'm through security. This keeps skin, hair, cuticles—everything!—hydrated.

Beat the bloat. A healthy way to do this is to consume natural diuretics, such as unsweetened cranberry juice, asparagus, watermelon, or cucumber.

Go easy on your digestion. Avoid sodium-laden and difficult-to-digest food, especially those with bloating affects, such as cruciferous vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat.

Limit alcohol. If partaking in booze, limit yourself to one drink and stick to something simple like organic red wine or a glass of bubbly.

Post Flight:

Invert: Inversions reverse the flow of gravity, stimulate the lymphatic system, and aid in blood purification. Invert a few times the day of and after travel for 2 to 3 minutes. Typical inversions include: Legs propped against the wall, shoulder stand, headstand, or handstand.

Sweat: Working up a sweat helps combat water retention, jump-starts metabolism, stimulates the lymphatic system and gets blood circulating. Go for a quick job, practice yoga, or pop into a steam room.

Hydrotherapy: Take a hot bath with bath salts and a few drops of essential oil, or jump in the shower and alternate between hot/cold water in shower for 10 second intervals. This stimulates the lymphatic system, detoxes the body, and helps combat water retention that often occurs after travel.

Hopefully these tips make your next travel experience a bit more comfortable, beautiful and all-around enjoyable!

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