NY Times Says You Probably Lack Vitamin D

Today's most popular story in the NY Times, entitled What Do You Lack? Probably Vitamin D, says that Vitamin D "promises to be the most-talked about and written-about supplement of the decade." They're right about this being a hot topic, but what can you do?

First, you're probably going to need more sun, as experts say you really can't get enough Vitamin D from food alone. (Did you know that people in colder regions get their year's supply of Vitamin D from the summer sun?)

But what about too much sun? Yes, that's an issue, too, which leads to our second suggestion: read what our resident wellness expert, Jess Ainscough, has to say about this in her awesome post, 6 Tips for Avoiding Vitamin D Deficiency.

Jess is literally conquering cancer with carrot juice and lives, eats, and breathes wellness.

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