12 Ways To Make Positive Change Last

As an orthomolecular nutritionist and mindfulness coach trained in naturopathy, I show people ways how to live happier and healthier. I'm convinced that anyone's biological clock can be effectively turned back through vitamin cures and holistic lifestyle strategies, and that irresistible radiance is possible for all of us.

If we really want to simply live better, there are countless ways. Here are 12 for you to start with:

1. Think big but start small.

When we want to change, we're often incredibly motivated in the beginning, but quickly lose momentum because we want it all NOW, which isn't possible.

To make sure you really make your dreams come true, split your big final goals into small interim goals. This way, you never bite off more than you can chew, and you stay driven.

2. Visualize every day.

Once you've set your (interim) goal, visualize it daily. Write it down, describe exactly what you will feel like and what your life will look like once you achieve what you want. Put everything that comes to mind on post-its and stick these reminders all over your place.

It's a simple trick, but very effective!

3. Find an accountability partner.

Getting used to new routines can be tough in the beginning. You theoreticallyknow you will benefit, but it might take a little while before you see first results. Teaming up with an accountability partner or a support group is a great way to stay motivated.

4. Take your music everywhere.

I've made it a habit to take my mp3 player with me wherever I go. I listen to a visualization exercise both before getting up and before falling asleep. I meditate while running. I play my theme song to cheer me up and have put together short workout sessions I can listen to whenever I need a break from my desk. The power of audio stimulation is enormous. We just need to press "play."

5. Get yourself a "vitamin C shaker."

Vitamin C is an incredible nutrient to boost our overall health and looks. Since it's a water-soluble vitamin, it has to be replenished several times daily. You can do so by putting a salt shaker filled with vitamin C powder on your table and using it whenever you have something to eat or drink. You'll feel fitter and look better, too!

6. Consider taking a vitamin D supplement.

About 75% of people living in the US are deficient in vitamin D. Symptoms of deficiency include depression, fatigue, a weak immune system, obesity, back pain, or hair loss. If any of this sounds familiar, consider taking a vitamin D supplement. Personally, I take 2,000 IU in summer and 4,000 IU in winter. You can read more about vitamin D here.

7. Use magnesium oil.

According to Dr. Carolyn Dean, a naturopath and author, magnesium has a healing effect on today's leading illnesses. When I was suffering from painful leg cramps and exhaustion, I started applying magnesium oil on my thighs every night before going to bed. My symptoms disappeared quickly, my energy levels were increased significantly and I have stuck with this routine ever since.

8. Find your way back to simple and real food to detox your body and mind.

Detox programs have become very popular lately. I follow my own cleanse about four times a year but a little bit of detoxing every day will also get you far, if you want to simply live better.

Start by replacing ready-made snacks with simple and real food. Fruit with plain nut butter, for example, is delicious and reduces the load of artificial ingredients which are contained in regular food and can poison your system. Other great snacks are olives, nuts, green smoothies, and you can make the most delicious crackers and veggie chips with a simple dehydrator.

9. DIY for your household and beauty.

Chemicals in household and beauty products are tough on our system. Of course, our body can handle a lot, but why burden it unnecessarily?

You can make your own all natural toothpaste in a jiffy by mixing equal amounts of coconut oil and baking soda with a few drops of peppermint oil.

Need a good deodorant? Mix 3 Tbsp of coconut oil and baking soda each with 2 Tbsp of shea butter.

Apple cider vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner and baking soda does a terrific job in toilet bowls.

There is so much we can do ourselves in little time and for little money. The effects on our health, however, are huge and priceless!

10. Get a pedometer.

We all know exercise is good for us. It helps us manage our weight, prevents blue moods and so much more.

10,000 steps a day is recommended for a healthy body and mind but it is easy to forget about this when we are busy with life.

A pedometer is a great reminder and incredibly motivating. I got a wristband for my last birthday and walking the extra mile I need to reach my daily goal has never been easier.

11. Practice mindfulness.

I'm a mindfulness coach and when I tell people that mindfulness exercises are incredibly effective in helping you to simply live better, they often say: I have no time to learn a new skill.

However, it doesn't take much to be mindful.

Next time you eat something you really like, simply enjoy slowly. Smell your food. Savor every bite. When you are done, don't get back to business as fast as possible but stay seated for another minute and let the feeling of indulgence linger.

Staying in the moment and enjoying what's happening now is what mindfulness is about.

12. Keep a diary.

Keeping a diary is such an effective tool to simply live better that I ask all participants of my 50 Week Program to give it a try because:

  • It's another way to write down, remind you of and manifest your goals.
  • It's generally motivating and keeps you going whenever you feel a little stuck.
  • It's a mindfulness exercise that allows you time just for yourself.
  • It's fun—and so much more.

Yet I'm telling you there are many ways to simply live better again. We just need to look for them!

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