6 Steps That Helped Me Create A Life I Love

A few years ago, I was struggling with depression, an eating disorder, and bacteriophobia. Also, I was co-dependent and completely unable of being in a healthy relationship. If back then someone had told me I could overcome all this and be truly happy and healthy one day, I never would have believed them.

Being miserable had almost become second nature to me. The day my boyfriend asked me to marry him, however, I panicked and realized: I had to get out of this!

Not only my relationship, my entire existence was dysfunctional and derailed in so many different ways.

Luckily, I had hit rock bottom. Because it is true what people say:

"When you hit rock bottom, the only way is UP!"

Now a mindfulness coach and nutritionist, I have found my personal balance, which I strongly believe is the very basis of genuine health and happiness for each and every one of us.

Once we've found our center, no dream is too big. Anything is possible.

These are the 6 steps that helped me create a life I love:

1. Every week I clearly define a goal.

I picture it in the brightest colors and imagine exactly what I will feel like once I have accomplished this goal. I meditate upon waking up and before falling asleep. This practice is simple, but it has a huge impact.

2. I make sure to internalize my goal several times daily by using positive affirmations.

This is like re-programming my brain for success and is as effective as constant advertising: When you hear something often enough you start believing it is true!

3. I detox my body, mind, and soul.

A sound body and mind are are inextricably linked. Artificial substances in regular foods and household or body care products negatively affect our system and mess with our brain. For this reason, I make sure I mostly eat organic, unprocessed things and I use my own DIY household and beauty recipes. Also, I regularly cleanse my system in a common sense way, which makes sure I'm always full of beans, hardly ever sick and in a good mood.

4. I practice mindfulness and meditation.

Mindfulness and meditation are incredibly useful to balance our moods and develop a healthy relationship with food. The more often we practice, the easier it gets to take refreshing breaks and align our thoughts.

Many of us have a negative image of ourselves. Thoughts like I don't deserve to be happy, or I will never be able to achieve XYZ, or I am just not pretty enough are very common.

However, these are just thoughts. It's OK to have them because suppressing negativity is exhausting, but it's important to also let go of them so that they do not become manifest.

If a thought keeps on coming back, challenge it. Ask yourself:

  • Is it true?
  • Can I absolutely know that it’s true?
  • How do I react when I believe that thought?
  • Who would I be without that thought?

If we do this every time something negative pops into our head, sooner or later we will understand that a lot of the things that come to our mind are simply not true. Learning how to let go is incredibly relieving!

5. I embrace setbacks.

When we decide to change and find true health and happiness, it's important to know that there will always be setbacks and times when things don't go as smoothly as we'd like.

That is part of every journey and it is what makes us human.

If we don't give up and simply use less fortunate episodes to learn and fine-tune our goals, we are still heading into the right direction. We are just taking a detour.

But we will reach our finish line!

6. I practice self-love.

The most important thing I've learned over the past few years is that loving myself is a key part of the balance puzzle. Only when we take really good care of ourselves and love ourselves unconditionally, we can be genuinely centered and reach that desirable, peaceful state of mind, which makes us strong and graceful and which helps us make all our dreams come true.

I'm not saying that turning your life around is always easy. It actually took me 15 years to get where I am today. But I did it, one step at a time.

If I can change, you can change, too.

You just need to find your balance first!

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