Sunday Project: How To Make An Edible Gratitude Jar

I wrote a post a few weeks ago on how to create a gratitude jar. And it got me thinking: I have all this gratitude, but how can I express it? How can I share this gratitude with the people I am thankful to have in my life?

And then it hit me.

Just add cake.

What could possibly be better than a gratitude jar ... except a gratitude jar full of cake?

Baking is a bit like yoga. It's nurturing and calming, and you become soothed into an almost meditative state. Just by baking the cake for your gratitude jar gives you the head and heart space to truly be in the moment and appreciate life.


1. Think of the people who have done something important, caring, or wonderful for you, yet you haven't properly thanked.

2. Reflect on the impact these people have had on your life, and, as you do, bake a medium sized cake with gratitude and love. Any recipe will do: my favorite is carrot cake. This is a good recipe if you’re Paleo, or here is a good one if you’re vegan, and another one if you fancy trying raw carrot cake (in which case just follow the instructions and mix with love instead of baking with love!).

3. While the cake is cooking mix up a batch of your favorite frosting recipe (this is a nice one made with coconut cream, and this one is made with homemade vegan butter).

4. Once your cake is cool, slice it in half or thirds so it is about two inches thick, and use a cookie cutter that is roughly the same size as your jars to cut out 2-3 circles of cake for each jar.

5. Place a circle of cake into the bottom of each jar followed by a layer of frosting and continue to layer until each jar is almost full, finishing with a final layer of the frosting. If you just want to just use the frosting on top, then you can bake the cakes directly in the jars (just be sure the jars are oven proof and fill them about two thirds of the way up with your cake mixture before baking).

6. Add you own decoration on top of the frosting (a sprinkling of cake crumbs is surprisingly impressive) and screw on the lid.

7. Arrange a gratitude visit to deliver your edible gratitude jars personally, spending some time with each person, expressing your gratitude, reflecting on your relationship, and talking about the impact they have had on your life.

Enjoy the sensory experience of baking. Enjoy the emotional experience of gratitude. And enjoy any leftover cake!

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