How To Spot The People, Places, & Practices That Bring You Clarity

Big changes often require big decisions. The most authentic decisions, the ones we can truly take ownership of, rarely come from rational thought or from making a long list of pros and cons. Our best decisions come when we get out of what I call the "thinking/planning/doing mode" and enter into a place of feeling/sensing/being.

Life events such as divorce, change in employment, relocation to a new town, or change in a long term relationship often take all the energy and focus we’ve got. In the middle of what seems like chaos, we find ourselves needing to make significant decisions in order to move through change towards real transition that will have a lasting impact on our lives.

The daunting task of making decisions when you feel least able to decide anything requires real support. The support resources of people, places and practices allow you to access your intuition, your true place of knowing.

  • People include trusted friends or family members, spiritual leaders, or even an author whose writing speaks to you. These are people who allow you to be yourself and help you tap into your inner knowing.
  • Places may be as simple as a window seat with a view, a church, or a special spot you go to be by yourself. The quiet and security of a place can be sacred space for you to be with yourself and discover answers from within.
  • Practices might be meditation, prayer, a long walk or even a surf session. Those feeling/sensing/being activities can draw you out of the thinking process so your intuition has a chance to flow in.

All the major life-changing decisions I’ve made as an adult have happened when I was surrounded by water. I feel the rise and fall of the ocean is similar to the rise and fall of breath. Sitting out in the ocean is what allows me to tap into the source of my truest self.

There is no right way to be supported in seeking clarity for life decisions, there is only the right way for you.

What if you haven’t found “the way?” What if life is changing too quickly or dramatically for you to find the answers from your truest self?

Then clarity can be found through professional support. An experienced coach can help you discover your own person, place, or practice that allows you access to your own inner wisdom and intuition. It is in you, it just needs to be brought to the surface for your deeper understanding and awareness.

If you’ve already identified the person, place, or practice that brings you clarity, please comment. I’d love to see and share what brings clarity to your life. What has worked for you? Your experiences may help others.

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