MBG Bookshelf: Siddhartha

Sure, Russell Crowe thinks you should read Siddhartha, and sure it's a favorite of celebrity yogi and yoga model, Tara Stiles, but that's not why it has landed on the MBG Bookshelf. Well, maybe it helped ;)

Siddhartha landed on the MBG Bookshelf because it's probably one of the best personal growth allegories of the 20th Century. Set in ancient India, it blends eastern and western spirituality as we follow Siddhartha (protagonist) and his trusty sidekick (Govinda) as they search for enlightenment -- and experience pain, wealth, and love along the way. Siddhartha is a quick read but contains great nuggets of spiritual wisdom -- making it an easy pick for the MBG Bookshelf.

Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse at Amazon.com

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