5 Simple Tips To Brighten Up Your Home

Written by Kara Bennett

Does your home get enough natural light? The overall health benefits of natural light are astounding; light can boost your mood and your immune system, making you more productive, alert and generally happier.

So what do you do if you have a room in your house that's particularly dark? Don’t worry! With just a few simple changes, you can brighten up your space and increase your daily light intake. Here are five ways to boost your home’s natural light:

1. Go with a light color palette.

The easiest way to fix a dark or dim room is to change the paint color. Why? Light colors reflect natural light better than dark colors! Try painting your walls and trim in glossier, cooler tones. The same goes for large pieces of furniture, too — choose lighter shades to open up the space.

2. Keep windows clear.

Do a quick walk around your home and observe each window. Are there any hedges or tree branches that are blocking part of the windowpanes? Has a little clutter collected along a windowsill? Remove any obstacles that could prevent more light from shining in.

3. Use mirrors.

Mirrors reflect light, so the more mirrors you have hanging in a room, the more light will bounce from wall to wall. For optimal light reflection, it’s best to hang or lean mirrors directly opposite a window. Doing this will actually double the amount of light in the room! It’s also a great trick to buy furniture with mirrored or metallic surfaces.

4. Rearrange furniture.

Keep sofas, chairs and tables at least three feet away from your windows. Large furniture directly in front windows will block natural light. Orient larger objects like bookshelves to be perpendicular to any walls that have windows — this will help the flow of light in the room, too.

5. Avoid heavy fabrics.

If you have thick window treatments, your curtains can block sunlight even when they're pulled open! Avoid heavy fabrics for your curtains, rugs and throws; this can tend to make a room feel dark and cramped. No thank you! Opt for linen and cotton fabrics for a simple way to make a room feel airy and spacious.

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