10 Things I Do To Maintain A Weight That Feels Great

mbg Contributor By Raquel Vasallo
mbg Contributor
Raquel Vasallo is an international speaker, spiritual advisor, and author of Spiritual Seductress: The High-Powered Women’s Guide to Devour the World Through Spiritual Guidance.

Being at your ideal weight not only feels amazing, but makes you look good simply because you feel comfortable in your own skin. After years of maintaining my ideal weight, there are certain steps I never skip. In case they can help you, here they are:

1. Ditch the sugar.

This is the most obvious one, and the one that will give you immediate results. However, it can take years to master because it takes time for your taste buds to recalibrate. The first step is to switch to a natural substitute such as stevia, honey, etc. The next step is to reduce the sweetness of the foods you eat, little by little. You'll be amazed at how good tea, coffee taste when you allow their true flavor to come through.

2. Drink lemon water.

If you want to slim down and maintain it, you have to be super regular with your bowel movements. Upon waking, drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon.

3. Know your body.

How many times did you eat something and then got bloated? Bloating is a sign that your body doesn't like what you just ate and is having trouble digesting the food. Write it down, you'll soon discover a pattern.

4. Detox.

This is the next step in gaining the motivation to only choose foods that are good for you and stay away from the ones that inflame you. As an added bonus, you'll naturally lose some pounds.

5. Stick to whole foods.

Just because you're eating organic or gluten-free doesn't mean you're eating whole foods. Crackers, granola, cookies and power bars labeled as "healthy" are still processed foods and often high in sugar.

6. Use the 90-10 rule.

Choose the healthy option 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time? Indulge a little and do it guilt-free!

7. When it comes to your plate, think 80-20.

Your plate should be about 80% vegetables and the other 20% a lean protein or complex carbohydrate. Don't worry, you'll be satisfied and nourished.

8. Manage your emotions.

Meditate or use a diary to be aware of your emotions. Unexpressed feelings can lead to emotional eating and cravings.

9. Exercise for the love of it.

Find the type of exercise that feels good to you instead of following the trend or doing what you think you should be doing. When you find the right activity, you'll fall in love with it, and that will guarantee you'll stick to it.

10. Own your worth.

Looking sexy comes from feeling it first. Love your body, honor and take good care of her, pamper yourself and be proud of your beauty.

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