Freaking Out? Just B.R.A.K.E.

We all have them: moments of freaking out. Our blood pressure rises, face flushes, heart pumps, and we become more reactive. Our wise adult self flies out the window as the mind becomes overwhelmed by emotion.

So how do you catch yourself and come back to your center when you find yourself here? Try BRAKE. It’s a simple formula that takes only a few moments and works like a charm to return you to your normal, calm self.

1. Breathe deeply.

All the way in. Hold for three seconds, all the way out. Do this until you are calm.

2. Reset.

Take a step back and notice what, exactly, you're experiencing. What is your body feeling, what are your emotions? What's your mind thinking? Fear? Judgment? Shame? Naming it makes it just one small part of you, a moment, instead of everything you are.

3. Accept yourself and wherever you are right now.

Rather than being a sign of weakness, this gives you strength.

4. Kindness.

Be kind to yourself and others. Everyone is doing the best he or she can, and this includes you. Love every bit of you.

5. Evaluate your options.

You could down yourself in chocolate or lash out, but then you have two problems. What's the best thing you could do? From here, you are more able to shift the situation to a better place.

If you constantly find yourself freaking out, then it could be a deeper issue, driven by something not working in your body or your diet or other environmental issues. Sorting these out is well worth it, but takes time.

If you are interested in addressing the sources so you don't need to BRAKE so often then hit me up for a complementary Catalyst Session below.

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