Dial Up The LOVE: 5 Ways To Add Awesomeness To Emails, Texts & More

Boooored of email drudgery?

Groaning under the weight of a billion “important updates” and “urgent requests”?

Craving a conversation that doesn’t involve a blinking cursor, a series of clicks, or a digital screen?

Yep. We’re all suffering from “communication saturation.”

And while deleting your email account (or dunking your laptop in a vat of boiling oil) might sound tempting, the reality is: digital communication isn’t going anywhere.

So rather than fight it, why not commit to falling back in love with it?

And maybe find a little balance and sanity in the process?

It’s worth a try, and it could change your life … and others’.

Some ideas:

If you ...

Need to send a quick email to a colleague.

Why not ...

Surprise them with a short audio note, instead? Use Vocaroo to record a zippy message (smile and let them hear the love in your voice!) and attach it to an email.

They’ll be delighted to actually hear you speak. (What a novelty!)

If you ...

Want to reconnect with an old friend.

Why not ...

Skip the text message and send a real postcard! Use Postagram to design a real, hand-held postcard, right on your smartphone. It’ll get delivered to your friend in just a few days. You don’t have to trek to the post office to buy stamps, or even get out of your cozy chair!

Who doesn’t love snail mail?

If you ...

Have a zillion emails to get through. Yet again.

Why not ...

Create a smart playlist in iTunes featuring upbeat songs that are 2 minutes long, or less. Groove along and try to answer each email by the end of each song. Then move on.

You’ll be astonished by your own productivity!

If you ...

Want to say thank you to someone who’s helped you out.

Why not ...

Do more than just texting a quick “thx.” Make a charitable donation in their honor, send a whole book packed with praise, or email a Kiind gift certificate (with Kiind, you only pay if the recipient actually claims their gift. No waste. No worries.)

If you ...

Need to deliver some criticism or bad news

Why not ...

Open with gratitude. Start your email or conversation with:

“What I’m about to say might sound like a criticism of who you are as a person. It’s not. I love who you are, and one of my favorite things about you is __________.

With that said, I want to find a creative solution to a problem that’s been coming up, lately. Can we put our heads and hearts together, and figure this out?”

Take on the challenge:

Make your next email, text or voicemail feel like a love note. No matter who it’s for.

Or what it’s about. Or how it’s delivered.

Everything you write and say is a chance to add to the love in the world — or subtract.

Be an Adder, not a Subtractor.

It’s powerful. And it just feels better.

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