A Simple Calming Exercise You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

Stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness are frustrating problems. Most of us have experienced times when our minds race, we feel panic rising, or we find ourselves wide wake at 3am.These experiences can increase dramatically when go through a significant life transition like divorce, loss of a job, relocation, or change in long term relationship.

In working with my coaching clients, and my yoga students, I teach a very simple calming exercise that can be done almost anywhere.

Simple calming exercise

Begin by sitting comfortably with your palms pressed together in front of you with your forearms resting easily at your sides. The position should be effortless.

Allow your eyes to close and bring your attention to space between your hands for a few moments, and notice any sensations there.

Slightly separate your hands, as though you were going to slip a piece of paper between your palms.Stay focused on the space between.You may feel tingly, warmth, or nothing at all. Hold that focus for a few more moments.

Now, separate your hands enough for a second sheet of paper. Continue to rest your attention on the space between your hands.

Try moving your hands a millimeter or so away from each other and back again. It can feel like you are pressing the wrong end of two magnets together. Warmth and tingling are also common sensations.

Allow your awareness to rest on the sensations for a few minutes to bring your focus inward.When you feel ready, press your palms together, and let your eyes softly open.

This simple practice has been used by many of my clients and students to reset their emotional or mental state. You can also make an audio recording of these instructions on your phone or computer to use anytime you need to refocus.

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