10 Most Obese States of 2010

If you didn't think obesity posed a great health threat to America then perhaps this map will convince you. CalorieLab's annual obesity map ranks all fifty states (and DC) on obesity levels -- and the most obese state is Mississippi. (70% of Mississippians are overweight and 34% are obese.)

Which state is the leanest? Colorado, where 55% are overweight and approximately 19% are obese.

Here's the Top 10 states that are in dire need of a Food Revolution:

1. Mississippi
2. Alabama (tie)
2. Tennessee (tie)
4. West Virginia
5. Louisiana
6. Oklahoma
7. Kentucky
8. Arkansas
9. South Carolina

And the Top 5 leanest states:

51. Colorado
50. Connecticut
49. Washington DC
48. Massachusetts
47. Hawaii.

California comes in at 41 and New York at 38.

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