Get Gorgeous Skin While You Sleep! Here's How

Letting your skin breathe at night is so very important! Washing your face and removing makeup before hitting the sheets is imperative to maintaining youthful, glowing skin.

Here are six tips to help you get a glow while you sleep:

1. Cleanse your skin and remove makeup before you go to bed.

Makeup (even natural brands) sit on top of our pores creating a barrier that collects dirt and irritants throughout the day. The simplest daily practices, from walking down a heavily trafficked street, to sitting in a dusty office, can deposit some not-so-pleasant residues on top of our pretty little cheeks!

These environmental toxins build up on our skin and lead to the breakdown of our collagen and elastin overtime. Leaving your makeup on throughout the night will not only age your complexion, but prevent your skin cells from being able to properly restore themselves.

2. Aim to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

During this time, the skin restores and renews itself. With that being said, be sure to remove any and all makeup and apply a great moisturizer after cleansing, before you get in your Zzzzs. This will not only keep your skin hydrated as you snooze but it will also allow oxygen to fully penetrate the deeper layers of your epidermis as the restoration process begins. No matter how tired you feel, it's very important not to skip this step.

And here are a few more tips to help you sleep better:

3. Taking deep, relaxing, breaths before bed create peace within our bodies.

While lying on your back, deeply breathe in as you tense up different parts of your body, releasing these tensed areas upon exhale. Not only will this help you fall asleep faster but it will nix any added stress you might have.

4. Go “green” with your sheets.

Although commercial-brand sheets may look super-pretty; the dyes within the colors of the fabric can irritate your skin causing it to appear not so fresh. I recommend looking into purchasing an organic sheet set. (The bamboo cotton are my personal favorite.) Although organic sheets may be a bit more pricey, our health is worth it!

5. Change your pillow case cover often!

Make sure to change your pillow case cover every few days. Believe it or not, an unclean pillowcase can lead to bacterial growth and acne. Additionally, the hair products we use can rub off onto our bedding throughout the night, causing even more residue to accumulate.

6. Moisturize before bed to prevent dehydration of the skin.

It's one of the BEST things you can do for your skin. As we get older, our skin tends to become more dehydrated and it’s important (especially in the nighttime hours) to replenish that moisture. I love applying a little cold-pressed coconut oil before I go to sleep at night. It’s not too heavy and it also keeps any fine lines at bay! Coconut oil also doubles as a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory—an added bonus for anyone suffering with skin conditions!

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